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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

Vintage Ashtrays

The trend for smoking indoors may well be in decline, yet smokers and non-smokers alike can enjoy the unique colours and designs that vintage ashtrays bring to a home. A perfect accessory for your sideboard or dresser, you’ll find an array of charming designs here at Vinterior. From kitsch novelty ashtrays to clean, minimalist glass ashtrays, you’ll find your one-of-a-kind in our considered edit.Find your ideal gorgeous glass or ceramic ashtray in our collection. Make new use of this classic style and use your vintage ashtray stand as a key bowl or a dazzling place to store your everyday jewellery.Shop our seller-curated collection now and buy direct from one of our trusted sellers today.

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Vintage ashtrays for sale in our marketplace

Although ashtrays have been around for many centuries, they became most popular in the 19th century. And they’re making a big comeback in modern-day homes. Vintage ashtrays are the perfect subtle home décor piece that many homes crave, but you don’t need to be a smoker to enjoy the stunning collection of vintage glass ashtrays that we offer. We’ve got an array of unique ashtray designs, funky colours and unlimited styles to choose from.

Add a finishing touch to your home’s décor with one of our stunning ashtrays. Choose from novelty ashtrays to classical glass designer ashtrays. Opt for a cute animal ashtray or keep it floral and enjoy a carved flower ashtray. Pick vintage ashtrays with vibrant colours to brighten up your marble mantlepiece or blend neutral colours into your art deco-inspired lounge.

Vintage ashtrays are a wonderful decorative piece and can be placed anywhere in your home. You can display colourful floral designed ashtrays along your Art Deco console table. Or you can add designer ashtrays in your glazed cupboard. In our collection, you can pick up a bargain for less than £100, with our budget-friendly ashtrays. Or you can treat your home to a rare, collectable stylish vintage ashtray stand.

Vintage glass ashtrays here at Vinterior

Ashtrays are made from a variety of materials, including glass, brass, ceramic, bronze, porcelain, silver, and aluminium. Essentially, an ashtray can be made out of any material. Vintage ashtrays are often made with glass. Glass has a very high melting point, so it’s ideal for ashtrays and other accessories, such as vases.

You’ll also find Murano glass ashtrays in our collection. These gorgeous collectables are made by hand, exclusively on the island of Murano, in Venice. They’re characterised by swirling colours and delicate patterns and are coveted for their provenance the world over.

Find one-of-a-kind vintage collectable ashtrays today

Even non-smokers can enjoy collecting our vintage ashtrays, as these stunning accessories make for wonderful display items and can be worth thousands.

We’ve got rare ashtrays from the 1800s and 1900s in our collection. And you can find highly sought-after designers such as Czeslaw Zuber, Arne Jacobsen and Flavio Poli and big named brands, including Seguso, Holmegaard and Stilnovo too.

Looking for some more collectables that’ll make an excellent centrepiece and talking point? Take a look at our full selection of vintage collectibles. Or browse our extensive collection of vintage home accessories. You’ll find candle holders, vases, clocks, pots and planters, vintage signs and much more to choose from.

Shop the entire Vinterior edit of vintage ashtrays for sale and buy direct from one of our trusted sellers today.

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