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Vintage Drinks Trolleys

Be the host with the most on any occasion, with a vintage drinks trolley from our cool and quirky collection. Whether you’re looking for a vintage tea trolley to serve elevenses, or a vintage bar cart to shake up something a little stronger, you’ll find it here.

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Bring the past to life with a vintage drinks trolley

A vintage drinks trolley epitomises retro chic. These characterful carts add a fun twist to any room and are your go-to place for your favourite drinks and glassware.

Vintage drinks trolleys can be used for serving and storing drinks, or simply as decorative items. They come in a range of styles, but most are either round, oval or rectangle, with two or three tiers including the top and bottom tray, so you can separate glasses and tea sets from your drinks.

Many vintage drinks trolleys come on handy wheels, so you can conveniently move them from room to room, or roll them out on special occasions.

They’re usually made from wood like teak or bamboo, but you’ll find glass and brass styles too.

Bright art deco styles are great for adding a pop of colour. And if you’re short on space look for folding drinks trolleys that can be neatly stored away. Remember, your vintage bar cart doesn’t only have to be used for drinks. Pop one in the kitchen for a kitsch and quirky feature that doubles up as useful portable storage.

Spectacular vintage bar carts

A vintage bar cart has timeless appeal and never goes out of style. Party people will love having their very own cocktail cart on wheels, so you can play bartender or let your guests help themselves to their favourite drinks. Bar carts rose to popularity in the 1950s, when they could be found everywhere from the home to restaurants and even the office. A vintage cocktail cart from this period creates a retro Mad Men vibe in an instant. Pack it full of your favourite drinks, cocktail shakers, colourful glassware and accessories for a fun, quirky look that’s a conversation starter.

Take tea in style with a vintage tea trolley

Tea lovers unite! Brits are renowned for their love of tea, and with a vintage tea trolley you’ll have a dedicated space to store and serve your favourite infusions at any time of day.

Tea trolleys were popular in the Victorian era, when they’d be wheeled out in the afternoon laden with tea, cakes and sandwiches. Today, a tea trolley can be used in much the same way, making your afternoon cuppa feel a touch more indulgent.

If you’re not bonkers for a brew, a vintage tea trolley is a decorative addition to a dining room, lounge or even the kitchen and is perfect for showcasing a vintage tea and coffee set.