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Drinks Trolley

Perhaps you plan on enjoying pre-dinner cocktails in the lounge? Or maybe you’ve got a leisurely afternoon tea arranged for guests in the conservatory? A trolley is the perfect piece of furniture to serve up all kinds of delights while still looking stylish and complementing your decor.

Here at Vinterior we can’t get enough of the retro look, and trolleys fit right into that beautifully. From the metal and glass Art Deco styles to the antique carved wood designs, you’ll find a wonderful variety to browse through.

Why choose a vintage trolley?

Also known as bar carts, trolleys have been around for centuries, rising in popularity during the Victorian era. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that tea trolleys – as they were known at the time – only appeared in higher-class homes and were solely restricted for genteel purposes. Ladies who enjoyed a spot of embroidery and lace-making could often be found sipping afternoon tea and taking sandwiches from the tea trolleys in mid-afternoon. 

The rather prim reputation of trolleys continued for while but Cary Grant helped to change all that for good. A single appearance of a cocktail cart in 1937 was enough to send its popularity soaring. By the 1950s every on-trend home had a trolley - and it was inevitably stocked with a variety of alcoholic drinks.

The overall design of the trolleys changed too, moving from the sombre and ornate wooden trolleys of the 19th-century to the lightweight metal designs of the Fifties and Sixties. This incredible range of styles is one reason why trolleys are still so popular today. No matter what type of decor you’ve got, you’ll be able to find a style that you love.

Incorporating period brass drinks trolleys into your home

Many vintage trolleys sit on wheels, which makes it incredibly easy to fit one into your home. You can store your trolley in one room and move it to another when you want to serve up a snack, making it a very versatile item.

However, although trolleys are traditionally used for serving food and drinks, their elegant style and intelligent design means that many homeowners are using them for a wider range of purposes too.

Trolleys are ideal for occasional tables and bedside tables, adding a touch of class as well as being extremely functional. They can also often be found in bathrooms as a means of storing shampoo, conditioner and other toiletries. Choose compact styles that match the rest of your decor for a seamless look that’s different from the high street stores.

It’s possible to also find trolley styles that work as a mobile library space for children. Rather than having fixed bookshelves, encourage your little ones to get lost in a world of words with creative storage on a trolley. All of their favourite stories will then be available to view at a lower height than the typical shelf.

Why shop for antique trolleys at Vinterior?

At Vinterior we’re passionate about creating a collection of the very best vintage and antique items. We have an enormous selection of trolleys in all shapes and sizes. Browse through our online catalogue to look for specific designers or simply to look for a style you like.

Give your home an individual style and create an outstanding decor using high-quality vintage goods from our range. It’s never been simpler to look for vintage trolleys than with Vinterior. Our online marketplace contains all the information you need about each item, including the price. We believe in making shopping for vintage and antiques easy, so why not check us out today and see what you can find?