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Vintage Garden Sculptures

Garden sculptures have been popular in Britain since the 17th century. However, recently, vintage pieces have started to take over from the antiques. In place of the classical gods, you’ll find undefined shapes, made up of sleek, curvaceous lines, that will make your garden feel fresh and modern. Shop for vintage garden sculptures with Vinterior.

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Vintage garden sculptures for sale

Vintage garden sculptures are a great way to add character to your outside spaces. The feeling of refinement that often accompanies garden sculptures probably comes from the fact that they were popularised in Britain in the 17th century by the social elite, who favoured statues of the classical gods. Now, vintage garden sculptures, having been produced between the 1920s-1970s, give off a slightly different impression. Sculptors from the 1930s onwards were inspired by the modernist movement, which is far more abstract – adding a cool, quirky vibe to your exterior.

In our collection of vintage garden sculptures, you’ll find pieces from well known artists, as well as some new favourites from across the 20th century. And the subjects of the sculptures are equally as diverse. While some don’t have a definable shape (a hallmark of abstractionism, along with smooth, curvy lines), others are of people and animals. There’s so much more to garden sculptures than just gods and goddesses.

To see this for yourself, browse our complete collection of vintage garden statues. Otherwise, you can tailor your Vinterior search to get specific results. Search by price, material, style, and more.

Vintage garden sculpture styles

To give you a taste, here are just some of the kinds of statues you may encounter while you’re perusing our pages:

Primitive style sculptures

Abstract pieces without discernible form, inspired by the modernist art movement of the 1930s.

Organic style sculptures

Handcrafted using natural materials, like wood and driftwood. Looks at home in leafy or rocky surroundings.

Bronze style sculptures

The durability of this metal makes it perfect for depicting more complex figures, people and animals. Expect some discolouration due to oxidation. But this will only make the sculpture look more like it belongs there.

Vintage garden statues to suit your outdoor space

Our variety of vintage garden sculptures showcases the diversity of design movements in the 20th century and the different materials and styles that were favoured by each. Decide which would suit your outdoor space best and search for it on Vinterior.

Once you’ve found the perfect piece to complement the plants and flowers in your garden, it’s thn time to decide where to put it, and what else to put with it. If you’ve created your dream garden, you want to be able to sit and enjoy it, right? So add a vintage garden table, and some gorgeous garden seating to view it in comfort and company. And with our selection of garden lighting, you can enjoy the space you’ve created during the day or at night.

Where’s the best place to buy vintage garden sculptures?

Vinterior, of course. When you shop with us, not only do you get to see the best vintage pieces in every category, but you also get to support small, local, independent businesses at the same time.

Our community is built up of over 1,800 boutique sellers. You can feel twice as good about your purchase when you buy vintage garden sculptures from us.