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Art Deco Cocktail Cabinets

If you’ve ever admired the glamour of the bygone era of Hollywood stars, Art Deco could be the style for you. Combine this with the sophistication of a cocktail cabinet and you’ve got a winning formula. Forget about rummaging around in the back of cupboards for your drinks bottles, with a cocktail cabinet you can enjoy a far more sophisticated experience altogether. As well as being a practical way to enjoy a social drink more easily, an Art Deco cocktail cabinet adds a touch of elegance to your home. Here at Vinterior we love anything that’s heritage, antique, vintage or upcycled and we’ve got a vast collection of furniture and accessories. Check out our marketplace today and discover Art Deco cocktail Cabinets and much more besides.

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Choosing your perfect Art Deco cocktail cabinet

A drinks cabinet can be as bold or understated as you choose; the beauty with Art Deco is that you’ll find an enormous range of styles to choose between. Depending on whether you want your cabinet to be the star of your living room or simply a tasteful addition to complement the rest of your décor, there are many pieces to choose from in our listings.Cocktail cabinets are not only fantastic practical additions when you are hosting guests but they also allow you to bring a touch of theatre to your social space. And so it is important that the cocktail cabinet you choose is a talking point in its own right. With a pre-loved Art Deco cocktail cabinet this won’t be a problem. Your cabinet has its own rich history, which will only make it all the more charming when it finds irs new home in your living room or kitchen diner.Earlier cocktail cabinet models are likely to have been made with more exotic woods but from the end of the 1920s onwards veneers from timber such as mahogany was preferred instead. Cocktail cabinets in these harder woods feature exquisite motifs and strong linear patterns, both of which wouldn’t have been possible on a softer wood.

Why choose a vintage Art Deco cocktail cabinet?

Aside from the obvious aesthetic appeal of vintage and antique furniture, there are other reasons why you should go retro to furnish your home. Not purchasing brand new furniture means you are making a more sustainable purchasing decision and not wasting resources. Being kind to the environment means re-using, upcycling and reviving furniture, and with Art Deco it’s a design that’s always going to be on trend.The other advantage is that in many cases, the craftsmanship on period furniture is simply sublime. Before mass production had evolved, the workmanship needed to create every piece meant the quality is hard to beat. Built to last and often using the very best materials available, these aren’t quickly thrown together with the minimum of effort and time.When you choose vintage, you’re breathing new life into furniture which already has many stories to tell. Art Deco pieces bring with them a small sliver of the Golden Age, offering authentic elegance that will make you feel simply great. And at Vinterior you have come to the right place to find that perfect furniture piece. As the leading online marketplace for heritage furniture there is nowhere better to shop for an antique, vintage or retro cocktail cabinet.