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Vintage Beds

At Vinterior, we carry a wide range of vintage beds, from antique pine bed frames to cast iron and brass structures featuring intricate designs. Looking for a simple vintage bed? Or do you desire a more regal feel? Whatever your tastes, we have a range of beautiful vintage beds to suit your bedroom’s style and size.

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Vintage double beds

Whether you sleep with a partner or you love snoozing with plenty of space, a vintage double bed is ideal for making a space homely yet sophisticated.

We have contemporary modern style double beds along with more traditional options. There’s a range of styles and designs, including velvet, wooden, and even vintage double beds with storage options.

Whether you’re looking for a stately upholstered bedspread or you’re searching for a frame from the 19th century, there’s something for all tastes.

Prefer minimalist furniture? Then choose an uncomplicated shaker style bed or a modest metal frame for ultimate simplicity. If plushness, comfort, and elegance are more your thing, peek at our range of padded double beds. These uber-cosy pieces invite lazy mornings, lengthy spells reading, and breakfast in bed.

If you’d love your vintage double bed to match a traditional bedroom, whether that’s a Victorian metal style or something rustic and cottage-inspired, we have plenty of options there too.

Or maybe you’ve found the perfect bed frame already, but you’re missing a vintage headboard to really make your bed stand out? We’ve got you covered there too.

Whatever your needs, you’ll sleep happy with a beautiful vintage double bed from our collection. We invite you to enjoy the our cosy beds and stylish frames night after night.

French vintage beds

A popular option from our vintage bed collection is the chic, stylish French bed. After all, is there much better in life than snuggling up in a seriously comfy and well-made vintage French bed?

Be it a sophisticated upholstered bed, hand-carved sleigh style, or an exquisite antique number, there’s no place we’d rather tuck up to read a good book and enjoy a lazy Sunday morning.

Our vintage French beds are sourced from a number of boutiques and small businesses around the UK and beyond. They’re typically handmade by skilled craftsmen and come in various styles and finishes, from wooden antique regal styles to king-size frames featuring plush, velvet padding.

To find your dream vintage bed, simply refine our advanced search options and narrow it down to your perfect piece in just a few clicks. And don’t forget to browse our full collection of vintage style bedroom furniture to complete your swanky and swish bedroom. We have everything from wardrobes,bedside tables, dressing tables, and chests of drawers that pair perfectly with vintage beds.