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Paintings are one of the most common expressions of art that make a favoured way to decorate any home setting and what better than vintage paintings. Choosing the right painting can change the mood and style of the room as well as allow you to make it feel more like a space that is specific to your lifestyle and interests. Whether you are looking for a specific style to complement your space such as beautiful landscapes, a portrait, a surreal creation or an abstract work of art, Vinterior's wide collection of vintage paintings has something special in store for you. From Picasso to Chagall, Monet, Joan Miro, Rockwell, Dali and more influential artists, have a pick of your prized vintage painting to add a special touch to your home.

Vintage paintings take you back in time

Vintage paintings hearken back to another time when the world was younger, perhaps more innocent and the future seemed endlessly bright and brimming with possibilities. These paintings inspire feelings of nostalgia and memories of yesteryears. Whether it is the subject or style or both, vintage paintings invoke the sensibilities of the past in the present, stopping the clock and even winding it back. Everyone feels younger gazing at vintage paintings so why not add a piece or two in your contemporary home.

Selecting the right vintage paintings

When searching for that right vintage painting, you need to consider the space that you want to add it to as well as the existing décor you have. Creating a space that you love in your home is the key to making it a place that you enjoy coming back to every day. Adding vintage paintings are a perfect way to turn the room that is lacking character in an area that has some pizazz. Personalise your space with a great selection of 20th and 21st-century paintings, pastels, oil paintings and collages. Use paintings that complement the colour and style of the space such as landscape, portrait art covering different subjects and themes.

Where to buy vintage paintings?

Vinterior, a marketplace for all things antique and vintage presents to you an exceptional collection of vintage paintings. No matter the genre or artist, our fine paintings offer a variety of styles, eras and subject matters. Whether you are looking for rare oil canvas painting, famous landscape paintings, portraits, American, African fine art, religious artwork or any other original works of art, our collection includes some of the world's most sought after authentic and vintage paintings.