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Vintage Garden Stools

Love a quirky garden? Pick from our vintage garden stools for interesting and stylish pieces that add instant charm. These beautiful seats and stands come in a range of colours and styles for you to choose from. Find elegant woodwork, embroidered leather and painted ceramics in this eclectic collection.

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Stylish vintage garden stools

Complement your outdoor decor with a vintage garden stool from our selection. These versatile pieces of furniture have a multitude of uses both inside and outside the home. Thanks to our easy to use marketplace, it’s easy for you to browse through thousands of items. All hand selected from our network of 1,800 sellers in the UK, Ireland and beyond.

Look for styles made with water resistant materials like plastic, varnished wood and washable leather. All can be moved around easily as they’re small and light. When you’re done using your vintage garden stool or pouf, simply tidy it away into the conservatory or shed till next time you need it.

Some of our vintage outdoor stools were created for a particular use, for example as a work stool or a step stool. Others were designed for use with garden sofa, either as foot stools or to raise seating for a child. Here at Vinterior we aim to give everyone the opportunity to find their vintage joy. So we have options to suit all budgets.

Elegant and versatile vintage garden stools

Place your vintage outdoor stool on a patio or balcony to create a pleasant area for drinking morning coffee or listening to birdsong. Pair it with other garden furniture to create plenty of seating and dining options in your outdoor space.

These stools are also excellent for raising pots and planters off the ground. Top your vintage garden stool with a pretty hosta, acer tree or trailing ivy to make a beautiful display. And arrange it alongside some garden sculptures for a pleasing overall look.

These handy pieces of furniture can also be used inside the house. Perhaps as handy bedside tables. Or placed at the end of a sofa for books and hot drinks. In bathrooms, place clothes or towels on top of them while you have a soak. Fully waterproof styles can be used in walk-in showers.

Vintage Chinese garden stools

Our vintage Chinese style garden stools come in ceramic or porcelain. They’re usually adorned with intricate paintings, often inspired by floral and other natural themes. This type of furniture has been used as casual seating in China for over a century.

Find a piece in the traditional blue and white colour scheme, where the gorgeous azure shade is created using cobalt oxide for a fabulous effect. Cut out sections make these stools lighter and therefore easier to move around.

Passionate about Chinese style? Create a theme inside your home by placing one of these vintage Chinese garden stools alongside a antique Chinese chest of drawers or cabinet. Pepper these with Chinese vases and other ceramics for an authentic feel.