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Looking for a dressing table that’s a bit different?

Nothing completes a bedroom space like a vintage dressing table. A dressing table offers an elegant finishing touch to the boudoir, offering beauty and functionality in equal measure. We can trace dressing tables back to the late 17th century, so if you’re looking to capture its original essence, look for antique dressing tables — the perfect way to encapsulate the timeless decadence in your own home.

Choosing the right antique dressing table

Because the dressing table has existed, in one way or another, for hundreds of years, there is an incredible array of styles to choose from, with an antique or vintage dressing table to suit any interior scheme.

Dressing table sets for sale

When looking for a dressing table, it’s important to consider what you’ll be using it for, so making sure you can position it where you’ll get great light when you’re doing your makeup is an important factor. It’s also ideal if you can find one that you’re comfortable sitting at, so think about how tall it will need to be in order to work ergonomically for you. Then, the fun part — choosing what era to go for!

Large dressing tables with mirrors

Perhaps your bedroom is a plush, decadent space, in which case you should start your search for an antique white dressing tables from the Victorian or Edwardian era. Ornately carved options with inbuilt vanity mirrors look striking when placed in a bay window and topped with a vase of fresh flowers and a classic bottle of perfume.

Wooden dressing table – Scandinavian style

If you’ve gone for more sleek, pared back, Scandinavian-influenced decor, look for a mid century modern dressing table – there are beautiful examples by Ercol and G Plan that will fit the bill perfectly, as well as stunning unsigned versions from 1950s and 60s Denmark. Untreated or simply varnished wood looks beautiful in morning, afternoon and evening sunlight, while a well placed, wall-mounted round mirror completes the look to subtle perfection.

White dressing table with drawers?

In modernist interiors, white dressing tables with flashes of chrome and brass can be a great addition; or perhaps a glass dressing table with beautiful brass legs would be right as a statement piece. Pop a mirrored jewellery box on top for a dazzling finishing touch.

It’s often possible to find antique and vintage dressing tables in sets with their original matching stools or chairs, but if not, this is another great way of adding interest to your bedroom set-up — opt for a seat that requires reupholstering and put your own unique stamp on proceedings.

Likewise, many antique dressing tables from all eras will come complete with mirrors attached to them, but with pre-loved items, nothing is certain. Don’t let a missing mirror dissuade you from choosing a specific vintage dressing table; look at it as an opportunity to find something that matches – or, for a high impact look, opt for a contemporary mirror or one from a completely different era to create a stunning contrast.

Finding the perfect antique dressing tables

As the dressing table is such an eternally popular piece of bedroom furniture, there are many antique and vintage options on the market, and it can be easy to become overwhelmed by choice. Searching for antique dressing tables on Vinterior, however, takes away the stress of searching multiple antique shops in a weekend – you can look at items from over a thousand sellers from the comfort of your sofa any night of the week. The vast range of choice from carefully vetted expert vendors means you’re sure to find either inspiration for your perfect dressing table – or your dream dressing table itself!

Why choose modern dressing tables?

Modern and contemporary furniture possesses its own unique charm, built up by inspiration from an endless supply of past eras of design. Many modern pieces of furniture take influence from design movements of the past, be it the geometric charm of Art Deco, the colourful quirkiness of Pop Art or the sleek simplicity of mid-century design. Indeed, contemporary furniture has the luxury of taking its favourite elements from these eras and bringing them firmly into the 21st century with new and unique designs. We often talk about the character and charm you get with vintage furniture, but there is also plenty to be admired about the unique characteristics of high quality modern pieces.

A personalised service means that you can ask sellers questions before you buy, and if we haven’t got exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll notify you when it’s added to our listings. Start your search for antique dressing tables today on Vinterior.