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Garden Benches for sale

Warmer weather means taking to the great outdoors! Make your gardens the ultimate outdoor haven by including vintage and antique garden benches to your outdoor spaces. Perfect for lazy lounging and seating parties at summertime barbeques, benches are a garden essential that can see you through all seasons.

Where to buy vintage and antique garden benches.

If you’ve stumbled upon this page, then you’re in the right place to find amazing vintage and antique garden benches. Vinterior is the perfect place to find unique styles of vintage garden benches to create the perfect outdoor sanctuary for the summertime. Have a holiday from home and seat yourself in style.

Garden benches for sale on Vinterior

Vinterior’s range of antique and vintage garden benches have been curated from unique dealers across the globe. Find vintage pieces in an array of styles to add to your outdoor spaces and make the most of amazing pieces built to withstand the changing seasons.

How to decide what garden bench is for you

Vintage garden benches can come in a wide variety of styles to suit any interior (or perhaps exterior is the right term here) design preferences. Fans of a rustic farmhouse aesthetic can find solace in plank style benches in natural wooden tones, or perhaps you’re a fan of the Victorian cast-iron style benches, all of which you can find on Vinterior. Look to wirework for a softer more understated metallic bench or get even more functional with bench and table combination pieces. Whatever your needs, you can find a vintage garden bench to cater to them!

Vintage garden benches

Make the most of your gardens and patio spaces by opting for the unique and remarkable vintage garden bench finds on Vinterior. During the summer, make a space optimal for late afternoon drinks, and as the seasons move into autumn, great the most comfortable view to watch the leaves fall. Shop Vinterior’s remarkable vintage and antique garden benches and start building your great outdoors.