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Buying vintage furniture gives you a piece with a story behind it. Our carefully curated marketplace allows you to find beautiful, previously loved and upcycled vintage furniture to recreate period styles in your own home. We maintain the quality of every item on our site by hand picking each piece of vintage style furniture. So all you have to do is find the one you love and snap it up. Our elegant and timeless pieces demonstrate the quality craftsmanship you find in vintage UK furniture, whether you’re buying a sideboard or a stool. Some of the pieces are like new and have very little wear and tear, whereas others have been lovingly reupholstered so you can enjoy the stories behind the furniture, as well as a pristine piece which is waiting to complete your home.

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Vintage furniture for sale

A beautiful home is a reflection of our personalities. It can help us show the world who we are, create a comfortable environment we love coming back to, and encourage us to live the life we aspire to. At Vinterior, we carefully curate beautiful vintage furniture from boutiques and collectors, helping you find the piece that’s just right for you. Our range includes armchairs, chaise longues, bookshelves, drinks trolleys and more. You can also buy vintage coffee tables, desks and dining tables. All of the vintage furniture for sale with Vinterior has been hand picked by our expert team of vintage furniture lovers so all you have to do is find the item you love.


Where to buy vintage furniture UK?

It used to be that to buy vintage furniture in the UK you would have to trawl through hundreds of shops and collectors’ studios. While that’s still a rare treat, by shopping for vintage furniture in the UK with Vinterior you’ll have access to new finds every day, with carefully selected pieces from over 1,800 professional sellers. From little boutiques to larger stores, you can support local businesses you love through Vinterior.

What is vintage furniture?

Vintage furniture is any piece of furniture which is over 40 years old. Within the vintage furniture category there are also many other styles and time periods. Some of the most popular include retro furniture (anything from 1950 to 1989), mid century modern furniture (from roughly 1933 to 1965) and Hollywood Regency furniture (around the 1920s to the 1950s).

What is vintage furniture style?

Vintage furniture style is a style of furniture from over 40 years ago. Anything created before 1980 is considered vintage style furniture. And even if a piece has been restored or reupholstered it’s still considered to be vintage if it was created before 1980.

Is vintage furniture in style?

Vintage furniture is in style. There are many reasons for this, including the expert craftsmanship, and the wonderful stories and sense of history to be found in older furniture. It’s also often better for your budget and the environment to buy vintage furniture.