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A magazine rack is first and foremost a functional item that helps to organise your home and de-clutter a space. But choose carefully and a magazine rack can also be wonderfully kitsch and act as a compact statement piece. Find retro magazine racks in a range of different materials by browsing our online marketplace today.

The elegance of the mid-century magazine rack

In the post-World War II years, Britain and other European countries experienced a dramatic cultural change. People had more disposable income than they had done in decades, and social behaviour shifted, with dinner parties and cocktail evenings becoming fashionable. It was at this time that people became more interested in interior design. Decorative furniture and pieces used for display purposes became more popular – and magazine racks were among these.

Magazine racks had been around since the Victorian times, and there are plenty of pieces from this period in all kinds of shape, sizes and materials. From tall sinewy bamboo creations to shorter, sturdy mahogany pieces, the early magazine racks are well worth a look. In the Edwardian period, too, there are some eye-catching examples of magazine racks. Yet it was in the 50s that modern magazine racks really became more elaborate and experimental.

One classic style to look for is the Danish Modern style, which is notable for its crisp, clean lines and minimalist design features. The materials used in this style of furniture are generally oiled hardwoods, such as teak and walnut, or more lightweight materials like wicker and bamboo, as well as incorporating industrial materials such as chrome casters and wire.

Look out for pieces by Danish designers such as Salin Møbler whose teak magazine racks often included hanging compartments made from leather. Alternatively, if you are looking for a magazine rack to complement your industrial-style living room or study, there are many metal wire options such as Jacques Adnet.

Glass, brass, plastics and even wicker all make appearances in vintage magazine racks, so finding a pre-loved piece with genuine appeal shouldn’t be hard on our website.The beauty of mid-century vintage pieces is their total versatility and continued relevance to contemporary living.

Whether you’re adding a magazine display to bring a bit more character to a modern bathroom, or repurposing as an alternative storage / display pieces for your living area, you’re bound to find a great magazine rack from the mid century in a material which captures your imagination.

Why buying vintage is a great move for your interior

If you are looking to bring a bit more charm and character into your home, and express your unique style through your choice of interiors, buying vintage is the most satisfying way to do it. The continued popularity of vintage and retro home decor means that there are tons of beautiful pieces circulating, many of which are in perfect condition or have been reclaimed and restored to their original glory. Even the minimalist interiors work well with the addition of a little vintage detail, and the quality of the heritage furniture on our website is such that you can be sure you’re making an investment for the future.

Whether you want to display magazines, or simply add a stylish new storage solution to your home, have a browse of our ever-growing vintage and retro magazine rack collection today. Our marketplace is full of beautiful pieces from antique dealers and furniture enthusiasts–- get inspired and find your dream piece today.