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Vintage Magazine Racks

Vintage magazine racks are both decorative and functional. They make a handy place for storing books, mags and newspapers. As well as contributing to your chosen decor. In our collection, you’ll find beautiful racks from the 19th to 21st century, all displaying skilled craftsmanship and in high quality materials including wood, glass and bamboo.
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A multitude of options

Pop an elegant vintage magazine rack next to your desk to instantly transform the space. And provide handy storage at the same time. Whether you love an antique feel, an art deco look or an industrial theme, we have plenty of options to suit. Look out for quirky features like ashtrays and drawers that make our vintage magazine racks even more functional.

A place for glossy mags, records and newspapers

Our vintage magazine racks enable you to declutter your space. Whether you go for whether a heavy mahogany style or something lighter in wicker or wire. A teak or walnut rack alongside your vintage sofa looks stylish and helps keep the area nice and tidy. Or why not pop a plastic rack by the bath so you can reach in for something to read while you have a soak? Free up space in a Victorian style bedroom by placing books and magazines in an ornate wooden canterbury. In mahogany, walnut or rosewood, these styles have a sturdy appearance with plenty of detailing. Intricate carvings, gilt and cabriole shaped legs elevate these pieces. Complete the look with a Victorian wardrobe and chest of drawers from our marketplace.

Vintage magazine racks

Magazine racks have been used in homes since Victorian homes. But it was in the 1950s when designs became more experimental. To perfectly capture a 1950s look, choose a metal wire rack by Hungarian-French designer Mathieu Matégot, whose minimalist style captures the popular industrial aesthetic of the era.

1960s vintage magazine racks

The 1960s was known for its flower power, vibrant hues and patterns. ‘Futuristic’ designs were pioneered, with space-inspired shapes, colour clashes and never used before forms that broke new boundaries. During this period Rolf Hesland created beautiful rosewood magazine racks on wheels. These could be used to display vinyl records. Teak 1960s magazine racks by Danish designers such as Kai Kristiansen also saw their advent in this period. They typically featured shelves made out of natural linen, creating a soft look.

1970s magazine racks

This decade saw a rise in the use of man made materials, which you’ll see reflected in our range. Find vintage magazine racks in Perspex, lucite and plexiglass. These shatterproof acrylics make an excellent alternative to glass, offering a clean look and built to stand the test of time. They were often combined with other materials like brass and chrome. We work with independent sellers and boutique owners who are passionate about helping you beautify your home. Choose a vintage magazine rack from Vinterior and create your interior vision.