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Magazine racks for sale at Vinterior

There’s something incredibly tempting about a magazine rack, the unspoken invitation to dive right in and grab a title to read. Whether you’re at the doctor’s surgery, your home or at a friend’s house, the magazine rack is a quirky piece of furniture which never fails to please.

Of course, here at Vinterior we love the vintage and antique styles, and there’s a great choice available. Whether you’re looking for a sleek glass design or a traditional carved wooden item, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Browse through the online collection of pre-loved magazine racks today and see if you can find your perfect item.

What to look for in a vintage magazine rack

When you’re browsing through our collection of vintage magazine racks, it’s important to consider the overall appearance of your home. It’s tempting to buy a magazine rack based on a design that you like but it’s essential to think about how your home is styled too.

For example, do you love the shabby chic look with everything deliberately kept casual, or do you prefer your decor to appear immaculately organised and more akin to a show home. If you’re in the former camp, a magazine rack which is too formal will look out of place, no matter how much you love it. Similarly, if your home is more like the latter, a style of rack which allows magazines to be casually thrown in won’t suit the rest of your decor.

Basket-style magazine racks are wonderful for homes which have a more informal vibe. The magazine aren’t meticulously organised but stacked up in the basket. In the right type of decor, this relaxed design will be extremely complementary. 
Conversely, if your home has a more classical decor, look for magazine racks that allow you to neatly display the titles and show off them off in an orderly array. Anything less will look messy by comparison and will jar with your overall look.

Choosing an antique magazine rack

Shabby chic and other similarly designed homes work well with more substantial magazine racks that are made from wood. If you’ve got a more modern home, metal racks will work well with your decor. Traditional bamboo or rattan magazine racks are another option, and these complement Scandinavian design very well.

Don’t forget to consider capacity too; how many magazines are you likely to store? If you don’t regularly have magazines in your home, choose a vintage magazine rack that looks just as good empty. Think of it like a sculpture or other ornamental piece of furniture rather than purely practical and you’ll get the idea.

We love new and upcycled magazine racks too!

In the modern world, there are lots of digital magazines available but despite this, traditional magazines still have a big fanbase. Aside from the enjoyment of being able to flick through the glossy pages of a physical magazine, there’s also the element of decoration

For this reason, magazine racks continue to be sought after and new styles designed. Although our passion is vintage decor and antiques, we appreciate beauty in all its forms. There are many stylish modern magazine racks as well as upcycled designs which offer something that’s truly unique.

At Vinterior we love interior decor and our catalogue represents a diverse and eclectic range of styles. You won’t find any of our magazine racks on the high street so it’s a fantastic chance to grab yourself something that’s truly individual.  Browse through our selection of vintage and antique magazine racks today and find the style to suit you.