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Vintage Lighting

Salvaged chandeliers. Carriage lanterns. Upcycled globes. Find the perfect piece of vintage lighting for your home in our wide selection. Shine some light on your gorgeous vintage furniture, brighten up any room or tone it down with some romantic lamps.

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Vintage lighting for stylish homes

Spent hours, days, months or years choosing the perfect vintage furniture for your home? Don’t let it go to waste. Shed the right light on every piece with one of our vintage lights.

This beautiful collection brings you everything from famous names like Harvey Guzzini to budget friendly pieces in every style. Brighten up any room with a glittering art deco light or Murano glass chandelier. Or bring your style back down to earth with understated Scandinavian modern lighting.

How to style your vintage lights?

Vintage lighting covers all the bases. In our collection you have access to over a century of different design styles. Here are a few top tips for styling your vintage lights.

Vintage lights with bright shades in bold colours perfectly suit a retro home. Match painted furniture to the colours in your lights. Or bring out the same colours in your soft furnishings like rugs, cushions and throws.

Softer vintage lighting suits more pared down styles. Match simple, clean lines with the focus on functionality found in Scandinavian modern furniture and mid century modern styles. Hang a vintage light above a sideboard for the ultimate blend of functionality and style.

Pair your vintage lighting with decorative pieces you want to highlight. Hang a vintage light fitting above a sculpture, painting or any of your favourite pieces of furniture.

Where to buy vintage light fittings UK?

Buying vintage light fittings UK is best done online. In our collection you can enjoy the feeling of browsing through gorgeous pieces until you find the perfect one. And there’s more good news. When shopping with Vinterior, you’re also supporting small local businesses and saving precious vintage lights from landfill.

Have we given you the bug for all things vintage? Browse our collection of vintage furniture, vintage art or vintage home decor.