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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products


Contemporary Furniture

Vintage contemporary furniture is easily recognisable for its simple and sleek lines and its tendency to stand out and make an impression. Here at Vinterior, we have plenty of stylish and funky pieces from our vast collection. From swish art-deco sofas to Italian glass coffee tables, there’s something to jazz up every home.

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Contemporary furniture

While all modern contemporary furniture shares some common characteristics, there is no one standardised feature. The most distinguishing feature of contemporary style is that while it can be formal or informal, it’s never complicated in design or fussy. Vintage contemporary furniture is very distinct from traditional vintage pieces because there is little intricate detail or carving. The lines of contemporary furniture are often gently curved or hard-edged. When it comes to hues of contemporary furniture, finishes can come in all tones, ranging from very light to dark. Both traditional and non-traditional materials are used and sometimes combined. While ‘traditional style’ of furniture covers many different designs, so does ‘contemporary style.’ Our collection of vintage contemporary furniture reflects this. We have everything from glamorous red sofas dating back to the 1970s to bamboo rattan cupboards. With the term ‘contemporary furniture’ covering so much, it can often be challenging to find exactly what you’re looking for. But our easy-to-use browsing system allows you to streamline your search to your tastes. Filter through sections including material, country of origin, brand, and more.

Art deco vintage contemporary furniture

Our art deco pieces from our vintage contemporary furniture collection remain very popular. Art deco is a glamorous and luxurious design style first originating in the 1920s in France. The trend blossomed internationally in the 1930s and 1940s. The style combines many different designs and movements, so the trend symbolised optimism, sophistication and progress. Art deco significantly influenced everything from architecture to sculpture, jewellery to fashion, and interiors to car design. Art deco vintage contemporary furniture typically features strong symmetry, sharp edges, geometric patterns, bold hues, and decorative details. These pieces were designed and created to stand out and take centre stage. Established in response to the austerity resulting from World War I, art deco furniture was purely decorative. The popularity of this vintage contemporary furniture style lessened during World War II when it was considered too flashy. Despite this, the impact left by modern contemporary furniture is enduring, and the style remains popular among homeowners, collectors, and connoisseurs today. We have a vast collection of contemporary furniture for all areas of the home, including chairs, mirrors, sofas, wardrobes, and more. Whether you choose one piece to stand out in a space or you dream of decking out your whole home out with contemporary modern furniture, these pieces are sure to make an impact. If you’re new to the vintage contemporary furniture style, a good idea is to invest piece by piece. This way, you can slowly grow your collection to decide which items complement one another.

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