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Vintage Table Mirrors

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Table mirrors for your home

A table mirror, by its practicality and its ability to decorate and enhance your decor is a must have in any home. You can arrange it on a chest of drawers in your living room, in a bedroom or in a bathroom for a more practical use.Vinterior's collection offers a large range of table mirrors of different styles, sizes, periods and colours. Find the one table mirror that will subtly blend into your interior and decorate it with elegance.
Why buy a table mirror for your home? Table mirrors are usually quite small and can be arranged where you couldn’t put a larger mirror which allows you to decorate your home in a more original way by creating a focal point in unexpected places.
Whether your interior has a mid modern, vintage, traditional or art deco look, browse our collection of table mirrors to find what you are looking for.

Table mirrors designs:

One might be tempted to think that table mirrors are simply small round or square mirrors that you put on a chest of drawers or in your bathroom to look at yourself and make sure you look good before you go to work. But contrary to popular belief, table mirrors come in many different styles and designs. From an original mid-19th century Victorian period walnut dressing mirror to a beautiful illuminated art deco vanity mirror with nickel plated frame, there is a plethora of designs and styles to suit your needs. With over 25 different styles, our range of table mirrors will allow you to find the one that best suits your home.

Why buy table mirrors from London?

You live in London and you are looking for a table mirror? Then, browse through our collection of beautiful table mirrors coming from our London dealers. There are many positive reasons to buy locally but the first and most important one is: it benefits everyone. In addition to the economic benefits for small businesses, buying locally has an extremely positive impact on the environment. By supporting them, we give ourselves the means to continue to grow and prosper in a respectful and sustainable way.