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Antique Sofas

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Despite over a century of use, antique sofas are still going strong. A testament to the solid woods and skilled craftsmanship behind each model, antique sofas make for highly unique and characterful seating in your home.

Antique Sofas For Sale

The Vinterior collections boasts quite a number of exquisite antique sofas for sale. The timeless Chesterfield is one antique sofa design that is still going strong today. Upholstered in impressive leather, the Chesterfield looks fabulous in both contemporary and traditional settings. If you’re after something completely different, the elegant frames of upholstered wooden antique sofas - or loveseats - look beautiful sitting gracefully in any space.

Antique Sofas UK

UK antique sofas embody some incredible styles, largely because the Victorian era produced such an astonishing array of seating design. Key forerunners of the maximalist aesthetic, the Victorians used key furniture such as sofas to embrace a wide variety of decorative motifs. Often drawing inspiration from the natural world, many antique sofas for sale in the UK have frames inspired by curling acanthus leaves or ornate carvings which detail flora and fauna. Antique sofas complement maximalist interiors perfectly, although they also look fantastic as stand alone statement seating.

Antique Sofas and Settees

If you love the frame of an antique sofa or settee but feel that it could do with an update, why not reupholster it with new fabric? Many an antique sofa has been given a fresh lease of life this way, which means that your home can still benefit from the character which comes with an antique sofa frame.

Why Shop For Antique Sofas With Vinterior?

Antique sofas come in all shapes and forms and the Vinterior collection represents them all! From antique leather chesterfields to beautifully carved wooden frames, Vinterior offers a variety of antique sofas that will complement the decor of any interior. Your antique sofa will help both to support independent furniture dealers and combat throwaway culture, making your home both truly unique and a shade or two greener!