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Mid Century Modern Armchairs

The humble armchair. Possibly the most important and iconic piece of home furniture. Sit back and relax and explore our range of mid century modern armchairs. Expect designer names such as Hans J. Wegner, Ole Wanscher, and Arne Jacobsen, as well as many shapes and materials. Looking for more than one mid century armchair? Our sets include two, three, four, or more chairs.

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Mid century armchairs

Clean lines. Organic forms. Timeless appeal. Indulge your passion for mid century modern furniture design with our huge range of mid century armchairs. Whether you’re looking for a hero item for your living space and somewhere you can sit back and read a book. Or a characterful and streamlined set of chairs. We have countless designs from the mid century era. Buy a chair from one of the era’s prominent designers, whose work still informs so much of the conversation around modern furniture design.

Mid century modern armchairs to suit your home

It’s easy to infuse the mid century modern look into any living room and add the simplicity of this school of design to your home. Boasting functionality, uncluttered and sleek lines, and traditional and non-traditional materials, there are mid century armchairs of all descriptions in our range.

The curved and smooth lines of mid century add a feeling of comfort where form meets function. Whether you’re looking for a piece by the Danish creative brainchild Hans Wegner or the leading French designer Charlotte Perriand, our chairs have stood the test of time. Durable. Sturdy. Stylish. They can offer a pop of colour or a more subtle aesthetic.

As long as people have been owning homes, they have been sitting in armchairs. Enjoy your new piece of furniture knowing that it has a rich history and character.

How to style a mid century armchair?

The beauty of mid century armchairs is they can look wonderful in any style of home. Their subtle look and aesthetic means it can blend perfectly or add interest. Think timeless shapes, which can be matched to other furniture with ease.

Choose a mid century chair in a bold and bright colour palette, such as red or yellow. Or, opt for a more mellow and neutral colour palette and accessorise with brighter cushions or vases. Eye-catching and interesting artwork with a similar colour can tie the look together and draw the eye towards the space in the room.

Add texture and highlight the clean lines of your new chair with a rug. This will create a warmer and cosier feel. If your new mid century modern armchair is wooden, add another piece of furniture such as a desk or table with a different timber, for an eclectic feel.

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