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The armchair is arguably the most iconic and comfortable piece of seating that your home needs. Whether you’re sprucing up your living room furniture, creating a comfortable reading nook or simply in the market for stunning seating with a characterful flair, you are in the right place. Vinterior is home to many thousands of unique seating solutions, including dynamic and durable pieces from the mid-century modern school of design. This is the era which brought form and function together, creating some truly memorable and majestic furniture items which celebrate simplicity. So what are you waiting for? Explore our collection of stunning mid-century modern armchairs right here at Vinterior and get inspired to bring chic comfort into your home.

Why choose mid-century modern armchairs?

Like all furniture of the period, the mid-century modern armchair does not include ornate designs or carvings, instead opting to celebrate simplicity and practicality with its design. These pieces of seating design typically boast smooth and straight edges with organic curves to add a sense of luxury to the design.

The sleekness of mid-century seating brings the focus back to the level of comfort, while also adding a modern touch of decadence thanks to the work of celebrated mid-century designers like Ercol and Eames. Solid wood materials like teak and rosewood offer a sturdy and durable structure which stands the test of time, while experimental colours and materials ensure that the upholstery is eye-catching, fun and thoroughly contemporary.

Choosing mid-century modern furniture is a green choice as it represents a more sustainable alternative to buying newly manufactured items that continue to drain natural resources. By investing in a pre-owned vintage piece you are not only getting an item of furniture with a rich history and a sense of character but you are also able to ensure that a perfectly good product doesn’t head for landfill.

As vintage products from the mid-century were built to last and have already proved their durability, you can be confident that by purchasing a mid-century modern armchair, you will get many more years out of it.

Introducing mid-century modern armchairs into your home

A mid-century modern armchair is easy to fit into your current or soon-to-be style. This is because their subtle character and elegant features pair with even the most modern or traditional interiors. Whether you already have a vintage theme or have a completely contemporary setting, adding a mid-century modern armchair into the mix is not going to cause any unwanted clashes or awkward pairings. Consider an armchair as the centrepiece of a reading area or home study, or as a delightful way to frame a sofa in your living room.

Shop for mid-century modern armchairs with Vinterior?

Take a tour of our marketplace and find the perfect mid-century modern armchair for you and your family. We have a vast selection to choose from and we also feature products from a range of other eras, including vintage, antique, mid-century, retro, bespoke, artisan, upcycled and even contemporary pieces, all carefully selected from more than one thousand trusted sellers and designers.

Browse our collection of characterful and charming furniture today and discover the perfect mid-century modern armchair for your home.