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A wardrobe doesn't just have to be practical, it can be beautiful too. With our Art Deco wardrobes, you can transform the act of getting ready into a pleasurable activity you can enjoy. The bold lines, glorious colours and exquisite materials will make your wardrobe a joy to behold in your bedroom. Glamour is ubiquitous in Art Deco, and shouldn't we all feel glamorous as we get ready for the day ahead? A wardrobe shouldn't simply be a storage space, it should be a door to a hundred different versions of yourself you can choose from today. Browse through our collection of Art Deco wardrobes to find your perfect fit. Polished mahogany, glass and brass were all popular material choices in the Art Deco era, and are still popular today. Your bedroom will truly be complete with a stunning Art Deco wardrobe, and will give your entire bedroom a luxurious feel. If you're looking for a piece of furniture to really complete your bedroom and give it the sensation of opulence you were hoping for, an Art Deco wardrobe would be a superb choice.

Why choose Art Deco bedroom furniture?

Whether you are looking to fill your bedroom with Art Deco pieces in order to create a 20s and 30s feel throughout the room, or simply add one or two statement pieces that really catch the eye, Art Deco is always a good choice. Art Deco pieces and styles are so versatile in nature that you really can play around with a variety of different options while maintaining a strong luxury look. Art Deco is an era of incredible confidence, using geometric shapes, streamlined surfaces and bold colour combinations to ensure that pieces never go unnoticed, but don't completely overwhelm a room either.

Art deco bedside tables, wardrobes & furniture

For example, Art Deco bedside tables set off any bedroom, bringing class, flair and extravagance. This is a prime example of how a small addition can make a big difference. Or for more of a statement element, you can't forget about the wardrobe. So often we make the mistake of choosing practicality over style with wardrobes – but with Art Deco, you can absolutely have both. Using strong, sturdy materials such as mahogany and other woods, rather than chipboard or MDF, you'll find that your Art Deco wardrobe will be large enough for all the storage you need, and strong enough to last a lifetime.

Art deco bedroom wall mirrors

Every bedroom needs a mirror. And at Vinterior there is a huge range of stunning Art Deco options to choose from. Whether you're looking for a wall length mirror or a small one to go above a chest of drawers, we can promise that whatever you choose, you will be bringing the Art Deco vibe into your home.

While your sleeping environment should be calm and not overstimulating, none of us want to rest our head in a blank and bare room. So, the svelte curves and smooth lines of an Art Deco mirror will add a touch of glamour to your bedroom without overpowering the space. A mirror might not sound like a very important purchase – but they are vital to bedrooms and as you will probably look at it more than any other item in your bedroom, it's important that it is attractive and a pleasure to have in the home.

Why shop at Vinterior for art deco bedroom furniture?

Vinterior is the best place on the web for seeking out genuine Art Deco bedroom furniture that stands the test of time. No longer will you need to trawl local markets to find hidden gems, as we deal in only the most premium furniture solutions with their own unique character and story to tell. Our collection includes both vintage and more contemporary items, all with that strong sense of quality, character and charm in common.

So what are you waiting for? Explore our collection of Art Deco furniture for your bedroom today.

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