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Breathe a touch of ever-trendy Art Deco design into your interior space. One of the foremost decorative art movements of the 20th Century, Art Deco continues to be one of the most distinctive and sought-after looks on the contemporary design scene. Art Deco cabinets bring a touch of 1920s elegance to any living space, without looking in any way outdated. The beauty of Art Deco is that it can be utilised in both classic and modern homes all over the world. With a focus on clean lines, symmetry and heavily lacquered surfaces, an Art Deco cabinet is a beautiful addition to a living room, corridor or bedroom. Browse our ever-growing collection of Art Deco cabinets today here at Vinterior.

Art Deco cabinets: storage in style

Are you looking to revamp your interior space and your cabinetry? If you’re wondering which theme to focus on, consider Art Deco: it’s the perfect combination of clean and simple lines with a touch of retro charm.

The Art Deco movement began in 1920s France and became a defining era in design, marking a shift away from the natural imagery of Art Nouveau and other previous movements. The industrial boom in Europe saw new techniques and styles in the production of decorative arts, with a focus on symmetry, geometric shapes and lines.

The allure of Hollywood glamour seeped into the design scene, with an increased focus on glossy, luxurious textures and materials. Typical design features of Art Deco cabinets include highly lacquered polished wood such as walnut or oak, two-tone veneer and metal, and added embellishments in different textures such as chrome, marble and glass.

In terms of structure, the typical Art Deco look incorporates rectangular shapes offset with circular motifs. Art Deco cabinets often incorporate subtle elements of the classic look by using handles and detailing in materials like chrome and frosted glass. The effect is a timelessly chic yet thoroughly retro piece that is as functional as it is stylish.

Why Choose Art Deco?

Unlike previous luxury furniture styles which focused on intricacy and ornateness, Art Deco is a much more bold and punchy style, without losing a sense of functionality. The beauty of Art Deco is its ongoing relevance for contemporary homes. Born a time where antiquity and classic French elegance were still dominating forces in the decorative arts scene, Art Deco pieces work as well with classic interior looks as modern ones. Eternally fashionable and built to last, opting for an original Art Deco piece will provide you with years of use and enjoyment. The quality of authentic Art Deco pieces is unlike the majority of furniture-making today. Each piece was created to be a long-lasting addition to the home, rather than a disposable item that will go out of fashion in a few short years.

Vintage furniture is a great way to do your bit for the planet while adding something unique to your home. After all, re-homing pre-loved pieces is a very sustainable approach to furnishing your home. And drawing on the vintage gems of the past can also help you to avoid being generic. Instead, express your individuality and fill your space with items you love from the pages of history. Each antique, vintage and retro item tells its own story and brings life and character to both modern and traditional interiors.

Choose a stylish Art Deco cabinet for your home today. Find a gem of a cabinet at Vinterior, your number one online shop for beautiful antique, vintage, retro and contemporary furniture.