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Art Deco Rugs

Browse our selection of vintage art deco rugs. We’ll help you find the perfect style to complement your home and bring something special to each of your rooms. With fine attention to detail and beautiful, one of a kind designs made from materials that last, our art deco rugs provide the perfect gateway between your home and the history of the pieces you love. Each design is almost completely unique.
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Art deco rugs

Art deco style is a movement that dominated the 1920s across the world. It became the must have during the 20s and 30s, and is still popular today in both the decorative arts and architecture. The popularity of art deco rugs became a part of this trend, and the combination of bold colours and figurative patterns became a quick fashion must have. Today, the style is as popular as ever, with many people still in love with the unique and edgy designs that take us back to a particular time long since passed. Art deco rugs are both functional and hugely decorative, with many different styles and types to choose from.

Styling art deco rugs

Our vast range of vintage art deco rugs can be used as either the feature of a room or to add a little bit of colour. Make it your own, whether you’re looking for a unique runner or a large rug full of colour. Whether you love the history or just the style, with such a wide range of designs to choose from, there’s an art deco rug for everyone to fall in love with.

Art deco rugs UK

Our stunning art deco rugs UK are available in a range of different styles. Each one is unique and adds something different to your home. They’re created using a variety of materials: from wool to cotton and silk, so there’s sure to be something to suit your home. We source pieces from boutiques around Europe, bring the best art deco rugs to the UK.


Where to buy art deco rugs

Our beautiful selection of art deco rugs are one of a kind. It used to be that finding the perfect piece for your home meant years searching through little boutiques and furniture shops. Now you can simply use Vinterior to find the piece you love online. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Browse our full collection of vintage rugs, which features beautiful Oriental designs, antique Turkish rugs, boho rugs and many more.