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Vintage Armchairs

Our collection of vintage armchairs has been carefully chosen by experts with an eye for beauty. You’ll find beautiful reupholstered pieces, as well as some completely original second hand armchairs with a fascinating story to tell. Make a vintage leather armchair the centrepiece of your living room, or buy a set to create a cosy atmosphere around the fireplace. Whatever look you’re recreating, we have the options to help you choose the perfect piece for you. All of our vintage armchairs are offered by the small boutiques we partner with, so you know you’re getting the best price from expert local businesses who love what they do.

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The perfect vintage armchairs for sale

Whether you’re looking for retro armchairs which perfectly fit your home, or you have the ideal vintage sofa and want an armchair to match, we can help you find it.

The best and biggest names in vintage armchairs

When you think second hand armchairs, there are some fantastic names which automatically spring to mind. At Vinterior, we want to help you save time and find those rare, beautifully crafted chairs from the comfort of your own home. You’ll often find our collection of vintage armchairs for sale contains the groundbreaking Eames Chair, or the famous Thanet chair, which was famously the first to be mass produced. Take yourself back to the start of modern British furniture with a classic Windsor chair, designed by the craftsman Ercol. Or venture back even further and enjoy classic period armchairs, including a Queen Anne armchair. Our vintage chaise longues are full of history, while you’ll also find Scandinavian style options. Art deco cocktail chairs give your home a 60s twist, vintage rocking chairs help you add some old world charm and mid century lounge chairs are ideal if you’re looking for a vintage leather armchair with a twist.

Why buy vintage armchairs?

Vintage armchairs give you a unique story, offer the perfect look to complete your home, and allow you to find something one of a kind. Vintage furniture is lovingly crafted by experts, rather than mass produced and found in almost every home. And when you shop with Vinterior you know you’re getting the best price and supporting small, local boutiques.


Where to buy vintage armchairs?

The best place to buy vintage armchairs is online. You can sort items by price to suit your budget, as well as period, design, style, size, material, colour and so many other categories. Long gone are the days spent browsing hundreds of antiques shops, taking years to find your perfect piece. It’s still an occasional treat, but finding the piece you love is easy when you buy vintage armchairs online. With Vinterior, you’re still supporting local as well. Each of our 1,800 suppliers has been carefully vetted and loves what they do.