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The humble armchair may be one of the most basic parts of a furniture collection, but it is also one of the most essential. All about individual comfort, a vintage armchair can easily become more than a simple seat, it can become the item you build your interior around. This is an item that is constantly being reinvented, so you will be certain to find the perfect chair to complement the items already in your living room, bedroom or office.


Chairs have been around for centuries in many shapes and forms, but it was the industrial revolution that helped fuel the rapid evolvement of the chair thanks to advancements in both the techniques and materials available to furniture manufacturers. With the ability to mass produce chairs on a scale never seen before, designers began to experiment with style and design in an attempt to stand out from the competition. As the world became more open and expansive, more and more materials became available to designers and the race to create the perfect chair began.

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Offering an increase in support thanks to their design, armchairs soon came to the fore in the world of chair manufacturing and have stayed there ever since. These versatile and often stunning items can really help to bring a room together, offering a warmth that is rarely matched by other furniture pieces. Nobody knows where armchairs will head in the future, but one thing is for sure and that is that designers will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with this once modest piece of furniture.

With such a wide range of styles, fabrics and materials available, armchairs present designers them with a fantastic opportunity to express their creativity and originality. There are many examples of what would now be considered vintage furniture to be found in the world of armchairs, with the mid 20th century proving to be a fertile time for incredible design.

One of the most prominent but least known designers from this time period was the legendary Dane, IB Kofod-Larsen. He designed a wide range of furniture during his lifetime, but he is perhaps best remembered for his armchairs, with one set in particular standing out. In 1958 after a visit to Denmark, Queen Elizabeth II purchased a pair of U-56 armchairs, adding to the collection leather vintage furniture at Buckingham Palace. Whilst he was under appreciated during his lifetime, Kofod-Larsen’s work is now beginning to skyrocket in value, and his armchairs are often the focus of many high end auctions all around the world.

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Whilst an original Kofod-Larsen may have to remain aspirational for now, there are still a lot of things that you will need to take into account before purchasing your dream retro armchair. Colour, style and size all play a role in picking the right chair, so here we have some quick pointers for you to ensure you get the right piece.

The first thing to take into account is your preferred design. For every person who likes the aesthetic of an antique armchair there is another person who prefers the sleek lines of a mid century modern piece. This variety is what makes the world of interiors such a varied and amazing place, so make sure you take the time to pick the right design for you.

The next things to consider are the material the armchair is made from and the colour it is. A black leather vintage armchair is perfect for easy cleaning, but a colourful velvet chair would make the perfect statement piece for your home.

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The final consideration when choosing an armchair is the size. Whilst they are a lot smaller than sofas, size can still prove to be an issue if dimensions are not taken into account so make sure you measure before you buy!

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Luckily the filters on Vinterior can help you to narrow down your search and act as a source of inspiration, but just remember that the choice in the end is down to you...