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Murano Glass Chandeliers

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The enduring, delicate beauty of Murano glass is globally renowned, so if you’re looking for a light fixture with the wow factor, consider either a new or vintage Murano chandelier. Available in an extraordinary array of colours, sizes and styles, these are functional yet stunning accent pieces crafted from glass – a glass that has been made in the same way on the Venetian island of Murano for centuries. If your lampshades are looking dusty and tired and you want to experiment with something truly special, look no further: Murano chandeliers sit at the intersection of traditional craftsmanship and avant-garde interior fashion, a glorious celebration of excellent Italian design.

Vintage Murano glass chandeliers

In decorating, light fittings and fixtures are so commonly neglected, and yet they provide a great opportunity to restore balance to a room. You decorate the walls with pictures, the floor with rugs; so why not the ceiling with something extraordinary? The enormous range of Murano chandeliers available means that regardless of your taste and the decor of your home, if you’re searching for a majestic, opulent light fitting, there’s a vintage Murano glass chandelier that fits the bill.

From extravagant floral styles, such as Ca Priuli, Elegante and Margherita, to the ‘drop’ style which is dripping in multiple multi-coloured individual glass teardrops, to more contemporary, simplistic options with several pendant-style shades – there is so much choice. For your mid-century modern sitting room, opt for a show stopping Sputnik-inspired chandelier with spherical Murano glass bulbs mounted onto brass spokes. If you have a large room, a drum style chandelier encircled by Murano panels is a commanding presence. A very simplistic, minimalist room can be transformed by some of the more geometric styles of Murano chandelier, and if you want to maintain continuity throughout your space and complete the look, search for matching Murano wall-mounted lights and lamps, too.

Why choose a Murano glass chandelier at Vinterior?

At Vinterior, we pride ourselves on our broad range of antique and vintage furniture and fixings, courtesy of more than one thousand trusted sellers. That means that if you’re looking for something special, we’re likely to have a piece that fits the bill in our wide selection.

Recently, imitation Murano has entered the market and unfortunately, these pieces don’t match up to the exemplary standards of the originals. Rest assured that every item of Murano you’ll find on Vinterior is a genuine article, so you can enjoy finding your perfect piece with the added comfort of total peace of mind.

We sell new, too

Not only do we sell a fabulous range of carefully sourced vintage pieces, we also stock new items from contemporary chandelier makers that use genuine Murano glass. These manufacturers are cherry picked and trusted for their design quality, creative brilliance and attention to detail, so if you’re looking for something totally different that retains the excellence of Murano craftsmanship, look no further. You can even select a piece that’s made to order especially for you, in many cases.

Because Murano glass enjoys such a rich, long history, there are chandeliers that fit into all manner of rooms, whether they’re decorated in the Art Deco decadence of the roaring twenties or the cool and collected Scandinavian chic of the 1950s. Feeling inspired? Search for Murano glass chandeliers on Vinterior today!