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Murano Glass Chandeliers

Harness Venetian beauty with our stunning Murano glass chandeliers. These sparkling Italian lanterns are true design marvels that certainly don’t fail to draw the eye. Pick out a piece made from this world-famous material hailing from a tiny island in northern Italy.
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Audience-worthy lighting from Vinterior

Create a focal point to your space with a beautiful Murano glass chandelier from our selection. Find designer pieces by Ercole Barovier, Carlo Nason, Gino Vistosi and others in this inspiring collection from Vinterior.

What is Murano glass?

Murano glass originates from the Italian island of the same name. It’s located a mile or so north of Venice, the City of Love. Murano has a long history of glassmaking, originating in the 13th century, and its glass was once considered the finest in the world. Today, Murano glass continues to be crafted into mirrors, jewellery and sculptures that glassware fans go crazy for. And quite rightly. Our Murano chandeliers collection contains the very best in glassware selected from antiques experts from around the world. You’ll find new, used and refurbished chandeliers in our range. To find out more about an article’s condition and provenance, simply click into the item, where you’ll find a detailed description.

Exquisitely made Murano glass chandeliers

This spectacular ceiling light comes in a wide range of finishes, shapes and colours to help you realise your vision. Looking for the most dazzling chandelier in the collection? Pick a showstopper with a hundred or more quadriedri, or prisms, arranged meticulously on a central metal frame. The prisms catch the light for a truly magnificent effect. Something a little subtler, perhaps? We have plenty of those, too. Many of our Murano chandelier designs are made with one or more pieces of hand blown Murano glass. These are often arranged in ascending size, or in a symmetrical pattern. Other Murano glass chandeliers take on a more traditional shape, with several lights stemming from a central fixture. Like the candles found on medieval chandeliers. Later versions feature more contemporary colours; these wouldn’t look out of place in a 1970s disco.

Designer Murano glass chandeliers

Our collection contains some of the big names in Italian glassware. Art deco designer Ercole Barovier loved to use Murano glass in his work. Later pieces were made by Carlo Nason, born in 1935 into a family of renowned glassmakers, as well as Toni Zuccheri. Zuccheri was well known for his murrine technique, where patterns or colours are inserted into the glass and exposed through cross-sectional cutting.

How to display your Murano chandelier?

Our statement-making Murano glass chandeliers are made for exquisite interiors. To dress your room in an equally lavish style, browse our vintage furniture selection to find pieces that do it justice. You’ll need to think big – a huge oak vintage dresser and heavy Victorian dining table is what we’re thinking here. Into themes? Combining your new chandelier with a table lamp in Murano glass is a good way of creating a cohesive look.

Murano chandelier magic

Can’t get enough of Murano? You’re in luck – Vinterior has a huge collection of items gathered from a community of antique sellers. Be sure to check out our Murano glass vases, ashtrays, clowns and birds to feed your passion.