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Vintage Vases

Vintage vases. An essential home accessory that’s always in style! The humble vase has been around for thousands of years. Today, people want vintage vases that capture the essence of days gone by while still fitting with their contemporary home. Our collection of vintage vases has everything from delicate Murano glass to Chinese porcelain so you can add the perfect finishing touch to any room.

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Why we love vintage vases

Dare to be different with the next vase you buy and make it vintage! Vintage vases have a charm that today’s ten a penny vases just don’t. The fact they have a story to tell only adds to their appeal.

Vases have been around since the earliest days of civilisation. They’re loved around the world because they’re practical – but they can also be works of art. Vintage vases can be as opulent and grand as a gilded urn from the Ming dynasty. Or as subtle as smooth Danish stoneware.

You’ll know it has a story - and you can share it with your guests, if they’re lucky! A vintage vase can also be used to change the look and feel of furniture in a room. Curved vases can soften the hard lines of tables and sideboards, while rectangular vases can be used to create contrast on round tables.

Uses for your vintage vases

A vintage vase doesn’t just have to be used for flowers. Get creative and put your vase to work in a different way.

In the kitchen, a vintage vase can be used as a handy utensil holder, so your everyday kitchen equipment is close at hand, and you get to show it off to visitors. A vase that’s the right size and shape can be used as a candle holder. Even better if its home is a vintage dresser or cabinet. Vintage vases are also great for doubling up as storage for those small, everyday essentials you don’t know what to do with. We’re talking keys, safety pins and spare buttons. Pop your vase on a console table in the hall as a convenient container and you’ll always know where to find your bits and bobs.

Which type of vintage vase to choose?

Choosing the right vintage vases for your home comes down to the look and feel you want to create. Pairs of antique vases look fabulous in formal settings. Art deco and Murano glass designs are ideal for rooms with an opulent feel. Urns have a watery, Aquarian quality that makes them perfect for placing in porches, either side of the front door or even in the bathroom. Choosing a few vases in different heights, materials and colours creates an eclectic, laidback look instantly. And filling them with your favourite flowers will make them even sweeter!

Vintage vases work on almost any surface too. Place them on bedside tables, in a vintage fireplace or on a vintage sideboard.