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Looking to make a bold statement with your Harvey Guzzini floor lamps? Look no further than this Italian design house and its unique designs and styles. The Italian family firm blossomed throughout the 1960s with their eye-popping collection of Harvey Guzzini lamps.

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  • Who was Harvey Guzzini?

    Harvey Guzzini is a name which has become synonymous with stylish mid century modern lighting design. And in fact it’s the name of a company rather than one designer. The Italian family firm was founded in 1959 and originally called Harvey Creazioni. It was made up of the six brothers of the Guzzini family - Raimondo, Giovanni, Virgilio, Giuseppe, Adolfo and Giannunzio. The brothers took the first part of their name from the 1950 film Harvey, not wanting to make one designer the star of the show. The firm went by various other iterations over the years, including Harvey Creazioni, Guzzini, iGuzzini, and Illuminazione Guzzini before settling on Harvey Guzzini.

  • Harvey Guzzini lamps

    While the brothers may have lacked decisiveness when it came to their branding they more than made up for it with creative flair. At first the firm concentrated on producing copper plated decorative objects, but when all five brothers joined in 1963 the Guzzinis expanded their range to include pendant lighting, sconces, and floor lamps. The brothers soon hired architect and designer Luigi Massoni to handle their publicity which boosted the profile of the firm and their creations.

    By 1967 Guzzini were exhibiting in Paris at Domus: Formes Italiennes in the Galeries Lafayette under the name of Design House (DH), where the company featured Gio Ponti’s Media Lamp. They capitalised on this success by opening a retail outlet
    in central Milan called Harvey Guzzini-DH in 1969, placing the brand among some of Italy’s premium design houses.

    Guzzini’s Acrylic Age

    In 1976 the firm moved from copper-plated items to methacrylate plastic (acrylic) lighting. The company also tried their hand at furniture production, collaborating with Yugoslavian furniture producer Meblo.

  • What are Harvey Guzzini floor lamps?

    Harvey Guzzini floor lamps are known for their distinctive designs, with clean lines and minimalist stems, paired with elegant, curved retro-futurist shades often rendered in bold shades of oranges and yellows. Guzzini lamps have become popular with both collectors and those who love stylish interiors. They’re known for their unique details, and some of the most famous Guzzini floor and table lamps are the Mushroom Table Lamp (1965) created in collaboration with Massoni and Luciano Buttura, as well as the Arc Floor Lamp (1968), Faro Table Lamp (1970), and Toledo Table Lamp (1973).

  • Buy a Harvey Guzzini floor lamp

    You’ll find a fantastic selection of Harvey Guzzini floor lamps on sale here at Vinterior. Many are bursting with mid century space age charm. Harvey Guzzini lamps are the ultimate symbol of Italian style to brighten up your living space.