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Lebus Furniture

Louis Lebus was a famous Jewish cabinetmaker known for his beautiful cabinets and chests. Lebus immigrated to the East End of London in the 1840s from his home in Breslau, Germany. It was here that grew a cabinet making business that would go on to achieve great success in later years. Lebus furniture was borne. Although Louis died in 1879, his eldest son, Harris, took the reins of the Lebus furniture business and within a short space of time, the brand known as Harris Lebus was an established manufacturer of cabinetry. Although the business closed its doors in 1969, Harris Lebus is remembered specifically for the manufacture of bedroom furniture and dining cabinets. During its heyday, it became known for the design and build of streamlined and modern designs to satisfy the public demand for sleek, minimalist pieces. Browse through our collection of vintage Lebus furniture now.

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What to look for in Lebus furniture

Harris Lebus manufactured a wide range of furniture, which includes wardrobes, cabinets, drawers, dressing tables, sofas and chairs with the most common being cabinets and drawers. Whether it’s a Lebus drawer or cabinet that you’re on the hunt for, there are important features about this furniture that you cannot miss. Just from the look of Lebus furniture, you will notice that most of them are made of oak wood. This kind of wood was used in the manufacture of this furniture to enhance longevity and boost aesthetic value. Explore our listings and you will often find examples of attractive chests of drawers, sideboards, wardrobes and dressing tables in a classic mid-century style. In contrast to the more ornate and intricately carved designs of the 19th century, this type of mid-century cabinetry represented a more restrained and reserved approach, which complemented interior spaces rather than dominated them. While Lebus was perhaps less well known for its sofas, the brand nevertheless produced some beautiful pieces that can help you to create a unique and stylish look in your home today.

What is Lebus furniture made of?

The arts and crafts style of Lebus furniture meant that oak was the natural go-to wood to create stylistic pieces. Oak was used to craft bevelled overhands, finials, and Gothic-style features. To identify a true piece of Lebus, look for the H.L.L brass plates on the face plates of the locks of roll-top desks.

Lebus furniture today

While Lebus may not still exist as a business today, this does not mean that vintage pieces from the era are any less valuable. On the contrary, if you purchase a rare Lebus piece from the early to mid 20th century, you can be confident that it won’t be something your friends or family members will have. Giving your home a more unique and personal vibe is just one of the many benefits of shopping vintage. With most Lebus furniture, be it drawers or cabinets, quality is guaranteed and the furniture is built to a last long time. Built with love and care, and only the finest materials, a piece of Lebus furniture is designed to be a part of your home for many years to come. Lebus furniture is also not short of style and class and will, therefore, add a taste of style and quality to your space. The most significant benefit to owning Lebus furniture is probably its versatility and ability to adapt to any setting. Lebus furniture can easily be coupled with other pieces of furniture to give your home an appealing look.

Shop for Lebus with Vinterior

If you are interested in incorporating Lebus furniture – or any vintage piece – into your home, look no further than our online marketplace. With a huge network of more than 1000 sellers around the UK, we bring all of the very best heritage, bespoke and upcycled furniture to one place. Explore our website and find your inspiration today.

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