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Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary design. A mid century melting pot of all kinds of styles, including art deco and futurism. With a few little retro influences. Create a stunning modern look for your home with our selection of contemporary rugs. If you love muted colours, minimalism, and a design that embraces change, a contemporary rug is for you.
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Contemporary rugs for sale

A contemporary rug is a great way to inject character into any room. Not only do they protect your carpet or wooden floors, they also provide additional warmth and comfort beneath your feet. If you can’t wait to get cosy, start looking for a contemporary rug. In our collection of vintage contemporary rugs, you’ll find a wide selection of mostly woollen rugs from all sorts of different time periods. Choose from various patterns, and all budgets. But before you get seriously stuck into looking, there’s one important thing we need to clear up…

What does “contemporary rugs” mean?

Something that is contemporary is defined as being, “of the moment”, which makes rugs (or anything else for that matter) described as “contemporary” kind of hard to pin down. Because “of the moment” is always changing. Contemporary design first emerged in the 1970s, making it a retro style with a modern, evolutionary twist. That’s why sometimes you’ll simply see it called “modern”. The contemporary style borrows from all sorts of other schools of design, including traditional, art deco, and futurism. Today, contemporary rug design is all about wavy lines, neutral colours, and the minimalist aesthetic. If those of the kinds of design elements you love, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a great selection of contemporary rugs for sale for you to take a look at.

Styling around modern rugs

Our collection of contemporary rugs has been sourced from over 1,800 independent sellers around the UK. They’ve all been selected for their unique and characterful designs. Use them to create a minimalist, modern look in your home. Contemporary design is all about neutral colours like whites, tans, and greys. These colours can look a little dull and clinical, so make sure you add lots of different textures for warmth. The rug is a good start, of course. Then you can add fluffy cushions and throws layered over something smoother like leather. We’ve got a large collection of leather sofas and chairs, perfect for contemporary rugs. Use both curved and straight lines for contrast, and twin with art deco paraphernalia like posters to really highlight those influences in your contemporary rug.

Where can I buy modern rugs UK?

Find the perfect modern rug to suit your home with our extensive online collection of contemporary rugs. Minimalist pieces with retro influences have never been more “in”. Or easier to find, thanks to Vinterior. Search thousands of offerings from nearly 2,000 independent sellers all in one place. Input budget and dimensions to narrow the results or browse the entire selection without restriction. There are a lot of fantastic retro pieces on show. And once they’re gone, they’re gone. You don’t want to miss out!