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1950s Dining Tables

Clean lines. Subtle curves. Informal living. 1950s dining tables take you back to a design style that blends fun and functionality. 50s dining tables are known for their sleek lines and a playfulness with the materials on offer. In many ways the dining table is now the hub for our homes. It’s where we eat, entertain and some of us even use it as our home office space. Make yours beautiful with a 1950s dining table.

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How to style a 1950s dining table

The clean lines and gentle curves of a 1950s dining table make it easy to pair with just about any style. From lacquered wood to more rustic style pieces, there are plenty of ways to style your 50s dining table.

  • Pair your 1950s dining tables with vintage dining chairs made from similar materials. The best way to match dining tables and chairs is to make sure the wood is the same, and take the lines and carvings into consideration. Mid century modern dining chairs work well with our 50s dining tables.

  • Add a pendant light overhead and shine a light on your centrepiece.

  • For a splash of colour, add one of our vintage rugs underneath your 50s dining table

  • Complete the look with pieces from our full 1950s furniture collection. Add a standing lamp to the corner, combine form and function with a beautiful dresser or sideboard, or increase your storage options with a 50s style bookcase.

  • Have fun with your 50s dining table

    1950s style is all about playing with materials. It was borne from a sense of optimism after the two World Wars, when an increasing number of families could afford to buy for pleasure rather than just function. But practicality had its place. Think moulded plastic that could be wiped clean. Durable fabrics that were designed for family wear and tear. And comfortable pieces to keep in the family.

    50s style furniture fits within the retro furniture style. It has the nostalgic feel of a retro style, along with an interesting take on classic designs. 50s furniture style led into the 1960s, when bright colours and a sense of imagination came into play. You’ll also see a lot of mid century modern pieces from the decade too. This is where the clean lines, gentle organic curves and the playfulness with different materials come together.

    Which material is best for 50s dining tables?

    The 50s design focus was on design around the materials, so you’ll find a wide range to choose from. Hardwood tables are great for wear and tear if you’re living with children or intend to host dinner parties. Formica gives you that nostalgic feel and is easy to wipe clean. And marble adds a sense of luxury to your dining room.