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Vintage Garden Rocking Chairs

Sit back, soak up the sun and relax in a vintage garden rocking chair this summer. Whether you’d rather find a comfortable chair where you can enjoy the gentle rocking and warm summer breeze as you indulge in some ‘you time’. Or you want stylish garden seating for your summer gatherings. We’ve got you covered.

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Relax in style in a vintage garden rocking chair

In the UK, we love nothing more than enjoying the sun. Probably because it so rarely comes out. And what better way to do that than in the privacy of your own garden?

We’ve got a large selection of garden seating, including garden sofas, armchairs, stools, benches and dining chairs.

But there’s no better way to top up your tan or keep cool in the shade than with a vintage garden rocking chair. You can lull back and forth in a rocking chair while reading a book, chatting with friends or even while having a little siesta.

Our collection of vintage garden rocking chairs has something for everyone. Shop and sort our rocking chairs by style, price or material and find the perfect garden seating for your home.

Whether you’re sporting a small patio or a large grassy lawn, we’ve got the right style rocking chair for your space. Our boutiques and independent sellers stock vintage, mid century modern, boho, shabby chic, antique and many other styles.

Sort our collection by price to find a vintage rocking chair that suits your budget. We’ve got gorgeous must have pieces for less than £500.

Garden furniture needs to be durable, weather resistant and comfortable, which is why we have several different materials to choose from, including rattan, bamboo and other woods. Some of our rocking chairs also come with upholstered seats, for additional comfort. If you’ve seen a chair that you love, but it doesn’t have a soft fabric seat, why not add a vintage cushion to it?

Style your garden rocking chair

You can style your garden and rocking chair based on how you intend to use it.

Those who want to hold garden dinner parties might choose to invest in a large garden table and get some accompanying dining chairs. While those who’ll mostly be using their garden rocking chair at night might decide to install some gentle garden lighting and add a heater.

Feel like you’ll mostly be enjoying some quiet time in your garden? Then set up your rocking chair in the corner. You know, the one that gets the most sun. And place a coffee table beside it. That way, you can enjoy the sun for longer and have somewhere to place your cups and books.

Whether you intend to use your garden in the day or night, you can always style it and your rocking chair with some vintage pots and planters. Sow some summer flowers. And voila! You have yourself a blooming haven that the bees will love too.