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Art Deco Armchairs

At Vinterior, we don't simply provide armchairs. We offer you the chance to find your new favourite chair – a thing of beauty and comfort that you can nestle into after a hard day, or when whiling away a quiet afternoon with a good book. If you’re looking to relax in your home, why not do it in style? Our collection of Art Deco armchairs showcases a period of decadence and opulence, without compromising on luxury, practicality or comfort. Our armchairs aren't just for show, they will be a joy to use every day by all members of the family. Browse the art deco armchair collection today.

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  • Why choose Art Deco armchairs?

    The beauty of Art Deco is that it upgrades your living space to a picture straight out of a magazine, and yet remains entirely touchable and usable, creating a great place to make memories with family and friends. The sleek forms, bold geometrics and statement hues of Art Deco mean you don’t have to choose between functionality and sophistication.

  • Getting the art deco look for your living room

    Art Deco never goes out of style, and its timeless and classic look will fit into any living room. Whether you’re looking to fill your home with the quintessential class of the era, or simply seeking out a single statement piece, you'll find it here. The decorative compositional elements of the style come together to ensure that your Art Deco armchair becomes the talking point of your home. The space you give an Art Deco armchair will very much become its own, and will transform the atmosphere around it.By taking elements from Modernism and Art Nouveau, Art Deco furniture perfectly blends together a sense of nostalgia and forward thinking, adding a touch of magic to any living space. Each piece represents an era of endless parties, glamour, opulence and timeless style – a world that we'll never know but would love to experience. With an armchair from our collection, you can experience that feeling every day, as you walk into your living room or study and are transported back to the best days of the 20s and 30s.

  • Why shop with Vinterior for an art deco armchair?

    At Vinterior, we specialise in only the very best unique furniture items from across endless periods and styles. You’ll find many thousands of attractive furniture solutions in our collection, each with its own individual character and story to tell. This includes an extensive range of eye-catching Art Deco armchairs.

  • Genuine art deco seating and armchairs from the 1920 & 30’s

    Better yet, our Art Deco armchairs are the real deal. Unlike high street reproductions, investing in a quality vintage purchase from Vinterior means investing in exquisite craftsmanship that you simply cannot find anywhere else. Showcasing classic 1920s – 1930s design, our collection brings cool geometric shapes, high quality materials and ultimate luxury into your home. This is an armchair that is sure to steal the limelight, and you can take pride in letting your visitors know that this isn't a mass-produced piece, but a genuine product of the era with fine craftsmanship and made from only the very best materials.Vintage isn’t all we specialise in at Vinterior. We also house a vast range of more contemporary items with all the character and charm you would expect from a beloved antique. The seating you’ll find at Vinterior represents good design, relaxation, luxury and timelessness, regardless of age.Discover more of our beautiful Art Deco pieces, including a range of armchairs, right here a Vinterior. Sit back and enjoy browsing the collection today.

  • Work in the furniture trade?

    Are you a trade seller or buyer with art deco furniture you wish to feature on our online marketplace? Find out more about registering as an official Vinterior trade seller here or join our free Trade Program as a professional trade buyer here.