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The launch of the first satellite by the Soviet Union later inspired the design of space-related objects including lights and chandeliers. Sputnik lights have long been a favourite for most interior designers and households. Sputnik lights are stylish and fashionable, adding a punch of glamour to your ceiling, walls and tables. They come in a variety of different styles, ranging from vintage mid-century designs to thoroughly modern lights. Sputnik lights, especially mid-century lights, have long been used for lighting due to their character and freshness – the perfect vibe for many households. Browse through the wide range of Sputnik lights listed at Vinterior to discover an appealing collection of lights available for your home.

What to look for in Sputnik lights

Having been inspired by the first artificial satellite sent from Earth and people’s fascination with all things space in the 1950s and 1960s, the Sputnik light has been attributed to many different designers, including Gino Sarfatti. This reflects a growing trend for rational and practical lighting in the mid-century which still retained a sense of glamour and personality. The starburst design of the Sputnik offers exactly that, providing plenty of light for any space while also acting as a strong statement pieceDepending on where one wants to place the lamp, the favourable height can be determined. For a ground Sputnik lamp, it needs to be longer depending on the height of the room as compared to a table/desk lamp which is generally short or average. Wall mounted Sputnik lamps are great for studying due to their practical design, while a ceiling light is great for decorative purposes, thanks to its space-age flair.

Why should you consider buying Sputnik lamps?

A Sputnik lamp not only works well with an intricately decorated room but also accentuates it as well. These lamps are outstanding features that come in different designs to cater to different needs. They vary from simple designs to more profound and picturesque lamp designs.

If you happen to be a lover of antiquated beauty then you can go the vintage style of Sputnik lamps primarily made of brass, bronze or with a gold finish. For the modern person could consider arc floor lamps which are the epitome of modernity and make a contemporary space more intriguing. For a different lighting effect, you can choose the uplighter floor lamp where the light is cast upwards giving a more warmly feel to a room.

Sputnik lamps can be used as centrepieces in the dining area, reception or even an event for a mood-lit ambience. For a modern chic look, why not choose monochromatic black-and-white and if the preference is something rustic go for wooden Sputnik lamps for that edgy vibe.

These lamps come in many appealing shapes and sizes and fit perfectly in a variety of different settings. As a buyer take your time and enjoy choosing the lamp that perfectly complements your home.

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Whatever your style, finding the right lighting is key to making a good room great. At Vinterior, we make sure that this is the case with our ever-increasing range of Sputnik lamps. Browse our listings and you will find everything from simple designs to more sophisticated fixtures meet your needs. With a national network of more than a thousand trusted sellers, you can be confident that whatever you are looking for, Vinterior is the best place to find heritage and unique furniture and fittings for your home.