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Vintage dining chairs in all styles

As part of our beautiful collection of vintage furniture, our selection of vintage dining chairs invites nostalgia to any setting. Whether you’re investing in vintage dining chairs for your dining room, living room, café, restaurant, bar, or another space, we have the ideal vintage pieces for your project.

Our collection of vintage dining chairs comes in an array of colours and materials, such as leather, wood, metal, upholstery, and more. Want to introduce elegantly curved lines to your dining space? Or maybe a mid-mod style of dining room chair is more your style? Maybe upholstered chairs in one of your favourite fabrics will complete your living room?

The styling opportunities when it comes to vintage chairs are seemingly endless. Take the style of your space and dining tables into consideration, then reach for the stars and get creative.

Searching for the perfect vintage dining chairs is easy. Simply use our easy search system and adjust the filters according to your tastes. You can streamline your search and find vintage dining chairs by style, country of origin, price, and more.

Vintage G plan dining chairs

G plan belongs to the mid century era and quickly rose to be a household name that is stillin high demand today. Vintage G plan dining chairs are typically designed and built using solid teak wood, feature a ladder or slat back and leather seat padding. Vintage G plan dining chairs offer a sustainable option for design interested buyers.

Vintage leather dining chairs

Vintage leather dining chairs are a popular option from our collection, and there’s a good reason why.

Vintage leather dining chairs exude elegance and opulence, and can elevate any dining experience. Guests are sure to be impressed when they sit down to a dinner party on luxurious leather seats. And like the rest of our dining chair collection, our leather chairs are varied.

Choose from jewel-coloured leather dining chair sets to add a splash of colour to your space. Or, opt for rustic oak and leather pieces for a more homely feel. There are plenty of vintage leather dining chairs from our collection to add a dose of sophistication to your home, whatever your style.

Mixing and matching with vintage dining chairs

We’ve all seen it. That dining table surrounded by a host of mismatched vintage chairs. When done right, the overall look is usually charming, uncomplicated, and breezy. If you’re feeling creative, why not try the look yourself?

You’d be surprised how refreshing a bevvy of odd chairs can look when styled well. And once you’ve mastered the basics of mixing and matching vintage dining chairs, you’ll find that the fluent, relaxed look is wonderfully easy to replicate. Ercol dining chairs are an option that tend to fit in well with most designs.

If you’re not ready to mix and match chairs, try teeming cohesive pieces with a mismatched dining table to ease you into the trend. Of course, if you’re into a more unified look, then there are plenty of matching vintage dining table and chair sets available too.