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Vintage Posters

Collectible. Chic. Fun. Add instant style and pops of colour to your home with a vintage poster. These gorgeous pieces have been beautifully preserved and take you right back in time. From Soviet graphics to vibrant pop art and fascinating Victorian educational posters, we have you covered.
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  • What are vintage posters?

    Vintage posters are a way to add colour and energy to your home. They can be the cherry on top of your design style. Or they can be a way to add something fun to a more serious space. Each of these pieces has been carefully preserved. And we bring you the best of vintage styles. Our vintage poster collection brings you everything from well preserved Soviet and Chinese propaganda posters to the glorious heyday of the 60s with a selection of vintage music posters.
  • How to style your vintage poster?

    Add a story and a slice of history to every corner of your home. Or dress up your current style and add that final detail to bring it all together. Here are some of our top styling tips. Some of our most popular vintage posters feature propaganda from the Soviet or Chinese regimes. These pieces work well in an industrial style home. You could lean them on industrial shelving, hang them above an industrial storage cabinet or pair them with industrial wall art and vintage signs. Going for more of an antique aesthetic? Our vintage educational charts are the perfect fit. Hang a Victorian wall map, astrology chart, or delicate botanical etchings together over an antique fireplace. If art deco is more your style we have you covered too. You’ll find glitzy and glamorous designs in our art deco poster collection. They’re bound to steal the show. Hang yours above a bar cart full of your most stylish bottles and glasses for the full effect. Retro homes are full of bright, vibrant and whimsical designs. Add in some more colour and a sense of the 1900s with our retro posters. You’ll find iconic vintage film posters, advertising signs and vintage travel posters that take you all over the world. Vintage posters are vibrant and fun. They add bright colours and scenes from long gone days. Make sure the colours don’t overwhelm your space by pairing them with other items in your home. Match the print colours in your vintage travel poster with a similar rug, cushion or throw.
  • Where to buy vintage posters UK?

    Find gorgeous vintage posters from the UK at Vinterior. Our community of over 1,800 small boutiques and local businesses brings you beautifully preserved vintage posters from the UK and beyond. Narrow down your search in a few clicks and find your perfect piece today.