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Tapestry is one of the oldest forms of woven textiles. The word tapestry is defined as 'a thick textile fabric that coloured weft threads are woven (by hand) into specific warp threads to make pictures or designs.

The Use and Function of Tapestries

Although it is not known exactly when the first tapestries were produced in Europe, by the early Middle Ages workshops throughout the continent were producing textile hangings, which were among the most prestigious things owned by the well-to-do. When some unknown artist or weaver, probably in northwestern Europe in the middle of the 14th century, conceived the idea of representing stories in these weavings—as opposed to merely decorative patterns—tapestry embarked on its own great trade in the Symbolical arts.Tapestries were often produced in suites (also called chambers) of multiple pieces that together tell stories.

What are taperstries used for?

When hung together in a big space such as a fair in a royal residence, a cathedral, or church, or even in a sizeable room, such a set could both command and unite the space. The parts would frequently be about one another, creating a huge , continuous visual field akin to a mural, and that, like a mural, could be read. Even nowadays, tapestries are also used for decoration purposes by a number of people in their houses and jobs. One thing that has extremely changed among old-fashioned and present tapestries is in production. The medieval tapestries were hand-woven while at present there are manufactured machines used to do the textile. But, there are still fewer handicrafts workers here and there and also there are still people who prefer hand-woven tapestries. As a result you could argue that the hand craft has quite reduced.

What are the different types of wall tapestries?

The tapestry wall carperts available are of varied designs, materials, shapes and colours.The types of materials used to make tapestries, there are those that are made from wood and metal. Some of the metals used in wall metal arts including aluminum, steel and iron.The material used which would have a bearing on its quality is one of the sights one has to make before buying a tapestry.
In our homes, there are tapestries based on the political history of different societies. In the living room, in the prayer room and in the bedroom among other places of the house.Tapestries can very improve the quality and appearance of your home.

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