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Vintage Stools

If you’re seeking a troupe of bar stools to give your kitchen a style boost, look no further than our collection of vintage stools. We have an extensive collection of various styles, from mid-century modern bar stools to flower power seats from the 1970s. Whatever your tastes, we have a vintage stool style you’ll love.

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Vintage wooden stools

Our selection of vintage wooden stools add a cosy sense of rustic style to any kitchen. Wooden stools are a popular option, and they come in a wide selection of colours, sizes, and materials to suit all kitchens.

Spruce up your kitchen and offer more seating options at the same time with our carefully curated assortment of vintage wooden stools. Whether you’re looking for a vintage wooden seat to add a sense of French mid-century style or a distressed, painted industrial wooden stool, there are plenty of options.

Vintage stools in (almost) every style

Dominated by a host of cabinets and a ton of industrial appliances, it can be challenging to add character and flair to a kitchen. That’s where vintage stools come in. Vintage bar stools are one of the sole proprietors of kitchen style and can create interest in any kitchen.

Plus, bar stools are useful to have around. Eating at your kitchen bar can keep you from having to set the table three times a day, and makes cleaning up easier. It’s less formal, too, so you can entertain guests and family members in a casual setting that’s more open to easy conversations.

Vintage bar stools have gained popularity over the last two decades, and are typically used for kitchen island counters. Once solely kept in downstairs rec room wet bars, bar stools are now a regular feature in kitchens across the globe.

Use vintage stools at the bar while enjoying a drink or two, or food with family or friends. Or move the seats into a living space next to other seating options when you have a party or large gathering to give your guests more places to sit.

There are vintage bar stools available in a myriad styles, designs, and shapes to suit any kitchen decor. These days, rattan, brass, and acrylic vintage bar stools are all the rage.

Choose from elegant art deco pouffes to more structured metal pieces from the 1950s. The styling possibilities are endless.

Finding the perfect vintage bar stools for your home is easy. Use our advanced search function and adjust the filters according to your tastes and requirements. You can browse vintage stools by features including style, colour, material, and so much more. Find your perfect piece today.