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Art Deco Clocks

For Parisian-inspired style, choose one of our fabulous art deco clocks. Clean lines, perfect symmetry and iconic black lettering: it’s all to be found in our comprehensive range. Transform your living space with a true work of art inspired by the lavish luxury of 1920s France.
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Instantly impactful art deco clocks

In opulent marble, shiny bronze and dark polished wood, our art deco clocks are sure to make an impact when displayed in your home. These pieces are relics of a fun-filled time. Think 1920s and 30s Paris when the war was over and the city was filled with artists, writers and dancers enjoying life once more. The art deco style is characterised by bold geometric lines and sharp detailing, peppered with nature inspired imagery reminiscent of the Art Nouveau period that came a few decades before. In our collection, you’ll find clocks dating from the 1920s-40s to suit all budgets and tastes.

An art deco clock for every household

Longcase clocks – also called grandmother or grandfather clocks – stand tall, surrounded by casing that houses their long pendulums. Art deco wall clocks and table clocks are usually squatter, with a round or square shape. Though you’ll find plenty of other interesting shapes in our range, too. Perhaps you’re after a simple art deco wall clock for a kitchen or office, with a monochrome colour scheme and unfussy lettering in a Roman style? No problem. Or maybe gilt, extravagance and fancy detailing is what’s on your wishlist? We have those too. Thanks to our easy to use marketplace, there’s no need to trawl tens of antiques shops to find your treasure. Just use the search functions on our site to sort by colour, period and condition and watch the selection pop up.

Art deco mantel clocks

Art deco mantel clocks typically feature sturdy bases or feet to set them firmly on flat surfaces. Many of these styles come complete with garnitures or other accompanying ornaments. Some even look like statues in themselves. They wouldn’t look out of place in a provincial French palace or 1930s Berlin swing bar. And they pair well with art deco sculptures. These elaborate styles lend themselves particularly well to display on the mantelpiece in your home. They’re a true conversation starter and something you’ll admire every single day.

How to display art deco clocks?

A walnut art deco sideboard or cabinet makes the ideal home for an art deco clock. Go further and use mixed materials for an impressive display. Place yours alongside some art deco sculptures or glass trinket bowls for a museum-like effect in your home. This period is all about show, after all! A chandelier or lighting fixture in this style finishes off the look. Decorating an empty wall? Our art deco wall clocks are true works of art that will soon pep up the space. Place dark coloured versions on white or cream walls for contrast, or on dark coloured wallpaper to create rich opulence. To add to the gorgeousness, check out our art deco mirrors and paintings for a gallery inspired feel.