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The humble clock – it can be as extravagant or as unassuming as you like. It can be entirely practical, or a work of art in itself. You can find all of this and more in our wide variety of Art Deco clocks. If you're looking for an arresting piece that will command an entire room – we have plenty of them for you to browse through. If you are looking for a simple yet attractive clock, Art Deco style is the perfect place to start. With clean geometry and distinctive lines, there is something eye-catching and tactile about any Art Deco piece. You can go as extrovert as you wish with our selection, we have everything from large standing clocks to small but significant alarm clocks, perfect for a bedside table. Whatever you choose, you can be guaranteed of the exquisite craftsmanship and use of only the finest materials when you explore our art deco clock collection.

Why choose an Art Deco clock?

Throughout the Art Deco movement, designers really experimented with form, shape and materials to produce interesting designs. Geometry played an important part in the Art Deco movement, and the way designers and manufacturers used the circular face, the angular lines of the clock hands and the placement of the numbers means that you can add something far from the norm to your home.

This use of geometry in Art Deco meant that there was a diverse choice of clocks of all shapes, sizes and appearances, yet they all were part of the Art Deco movement. Unlike a lot of other Art Deco furnishings, the clocks from this period have a very solid appearance, thanks to the choice of materials that designers and brands used. Browse our online marketplace and you will find examples of marble, metals and ceramics to please the eye. Even the clock hands have a weighty look, made from black, polished materials.

If you are considering how best to fill the wall spaces in your home – be it your kitchen, hallway or living room – then choosing a stylish clock is always a good option. While you may find the traditional wooden wall clock to be a little dreary or dated, selecting an Art Deco piece will give you a chic and characterful finish that can be used in both retro and modern surroundings.

Why shop at Vinterior for art deco style clocks?

The Art Deco clock is a very unique piece of furniture, and this is something we celebrate throughout our collection. Despite featuring many thousands of items, each piece at Vinterior is completely unique, boasting only the very finest quality.

We specialise in furniture with character and charm, regardless of age. That’s why you’ll find both vintage and modern furniture items in our collection, including smaller accessories like clocks. Every item in our collection has its own special story behind it because we believe that through style and story you can make a house more of a home – as well as a beautiful place to welcome guests.

Explore the range today and see if there’s an Art Deco clock that is perfect for you.

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