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Sideboards have become one of the must-have pieces of furniture for the Instagram generation. Clearly not a new invention in the world of furniture, sideboards have been around long enough to develop their own following with those who love original and individual style. Antique sideboards have two major advantages over newer pieces of furniture. Firstly, by their very nature, sideboards are a statement piece of furniture. They are designed to finish a room by being both a perfect resting place for soft furnishings and also a spot to hide the clutter or items we don’t want on show. Secondly, their relative size leads to interesting shapes and creative designs with the wide-ranging designs across the ages making the market for antique sideboards particularly colourful. It is this variety which makes a sideboard a key piece of furniture in the home. So, why not browse our collection today?

Why choose antique sideboards?

Sideboards were originally used in dining rooms but their function has broadened over the years to suit numerous other places in the home. Traditionally used to hold crockery and other dining items, they have now been deployed in hallways or bedrooms as the perfect place for clever and stylish storage. A sideboard can also provide a valuable work surface – be it as an alternative to a dressing table for those looking to apply makeup or style their hair in the morning; or be it as a substitute desk in the corner of a living room for those who don’t have the space for a home office.

Antique sideboards, whilst ranging wildly in style, shape and design, are the perfect antidote to the mass-produced styles popular today. When considering storage with a unique and quirky look that will stand out in your home, choose the elegance and charm that comes as standard with an antique sideboard. Antique furniture transcends trends to become a long-term investment for your home.

Antique sideboards: popular styles

At Vinterior, you will be sure to find the best collection of antique furniture on our marketplace. From the shabby chic and ornate pieces of early French designs to the Victorian-era gothic style with heavy, darker wood – Vinterior has a piece to suit every taste.

At Vinterior we champion the unique to match furniture pieces to your own personal style. While many of our antique pieces are still in pristine condition, others have been carefully and sympathetically restored by our network of reputable sellers and craftspeople from around the UK. Remember, too, that some heritage pieces can be revitalized with a simple sanding, polishing and even a lick of paint. In particular, many of our Victorian sideboards and tables are available in various colours – from natural wood to distressed, chalky white; navy blue to imposing black. These carefully considered colour schemes can help you to make a real statement with your antique piece, providing an accent colour or pop of energy just where you need it.

Shop for antique sideboards with Vinterior

While the style and sophistication of antique pieces will always be the key reason why you love heritage furniture, it is also worth bearing in mind that by purchasing a pre-loved piece from centuries gone by, you are also making your home a more sustainable place. By reducing your reliance on mass-produced furniture that uses precious natural resources, you are helping to reduce the carbon footprint of your home.

Browse the listings here at Vinterior and you will find not just antique sideboards but also mid-century pieces, bespoke items, retro, upcycled, contemporary, artisan and vintage options. Find your inspiration today.

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