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The dining room should be both a place of luxury and comfort, where you can relax and enjoy great food and even better company. In order to achieve this, the right seating is absolutely vital. Luxurious and decadent dining seating with a practical edge is a huge part of any dining area that runs smoothly, and this is exactly what you get when selecting dining furniture from the mid-century modern era. The mid-century modern design movement was all about bringing function and form together to produce quality in every respect, making it a great option when filling your dining room with luxurious seating. Explore the stunning collection of mid-century modern dining chairs available right here at Vinterior, and get inspired today.

Why choose mid-century modern dining chairs?

The dining room has always been a place of luxury in the home, but for the modern family it also needs to be a practical space which stands the test of time. This is what the mid-century modern movement succeeded in achieving. In the wake of the more decorative and opulent design movements of the 19th and early 20th century, the mid-century era was ground breaking in its total abandonment of ornamentation and ornate flourishes. Instead, designers from this era chose to celebrate the practical side of furniture, basing designs on a mantra of form following function. The result was nothing short of the highest quality, with pieces made to look deceptively simple, but with sleek finishes and the very best in durable manufacture.

The use of solid woods like walnut and teak are common in mid-century furniture, particularly dining furniture. This reflects the movement’s commitment to designs that not only stand out, but also stand the test of time. Slim legs, gentle curves and clean lines are all indicative of this movement, creating pieces which can both blend in to a variety of surroundings yet also stand proudly in a minimalist space.

Introducing mid-century modern dining chairs into your home

Any dining room can benefit from mid-century modern dining chairs, as mid-century furniture is as diverse as it is dynamic. Designers such as G Plan and Ercol create sleek pieces that can be paired with a mid-century dining table for a cohesive look, or with a more traditional dining table for eye-catching contrast. They can also be used alongside a more modern dining table design, such as glass or metal, in order to give your dining room a more industrial flavour. There really is no end to the possibilities.

And dining chairs from this era don’t have to be reserved for the dining room. They can also make great seating for a desk or even a dressing table in the bedroom, bringing a chic character to any interior setting. Want to bring some character to a quiet and sparsely furnished hallway? Try using a mid-century chair as an occasional chair by the front door.

Why shop at Vinterior?

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