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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

Dining Chairs

Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs

Famous for their functional usage and simple, statement style, mid-century modern dining chairs are some of the most popular dining chair designs out there. With their clean, curved aesthetic, often finished in glowing natural polished wood, mid-century dining chairs really are a classic, statement set of furniture that will elevate any dining room and fit seamlessly with any interior style.Designed with form and function in mind, these chairs are versatile enough to switch between entertaining your guests or getting the little ones up to eat. Usually made from natural hardwoods, like oak, teak, beech or mahogany, these vintage mid-century dining chairs are both stylish and sturdy. Our collection features an extensive range of beautiful hardwoods and chairs with fabric or leather seat tops for a little comfort boost. Mid-century modern wood dining chairs bring rustic charm to a space while mid-century modern upholstered dining chairs add sophisticated opulence and comfort to your soirees.Mealtimes just got way more enjoyable and comfortable with our beautiful range of fancy but functional sets of vintage mid-century dining chairs for sale at Vinterior. Our range stocks solo chairs all the way up to sets of 24. So sit back, scroll and find the perfect set for you right here.

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Enhance your dining experience with mid-century dining chairs

Sleek and simple mid-century modern dining chairs exude both practicality and style—and we've got a set just waiting to enhance your dining experience. Designers of the mid-century modern era, from the 1940s through to the 1960s, are famous for their functional furniture. Popular designers such as Harry Bertoia, Charles Eames and Arne Jacobsen focused on making affordable furniture that featured clean and curved lines, which is exemplified in all of the mid-century dining chairs in our extensive range. You can find more examples of gorgeous pieces by these designers and many more in our full mid-century modern furniture collection.
The practicality of a mid-century dining chair can revolutionise the use and comfort of any dining room, whilst its simplicity and stylish design can complement any style. True to the clean, functional aesthetic of mid-century modern furniture, within our range, you’ll find practical designs such as stackable dining chairs, which are a great space-saving solution.
Most vintage mid-century chairs are made from natural wood including beautiful hardwoods like teak, walnut, oak and beech. Discover our collection of gorgeous oaky colours, light teak browns, cool beech shades, dark rosewoods, walnuts and mahogany hues. The great thing about these natural hardwoods is they are durable and solid materials, which are fantastic for homes where the dining chairs get a lot of use.
For additional comfort, you can always opt for one of our mid-century modern dining chairs that come with a fabric or leather-topped seat. And because every dining room is different, we’ve any colour of upholstery to fit your vibe. You'll find all of the bolshy blacks, reds, blues, greens, whites, greys and mellow yellows in our collection of mid-century dining chairs.
We recommend pairing mid-century dining chairs with other minimalist styles, such as Scandinavian modern, or industrial, and of course other mid-century furniture.
Feeling more eclectic? Mid-century dining chairs are so versatile that they can even complement art deco or retro-inspired dining rooms.

Which mid-century modern dining chairs should I choose?

Isn’t it annoying when the extended family come around and you don’t have enough seats? Let’s change that. Our collection has sets of up to 24 mid-century dining chairs, so we’ve really got you covered (even for the kids’ birthday parties). Keen for a farmhouse aesthetic to emerge in your space? Mid-century wood dining chairs might appeal. Eager to add plush luxury to mealtimes. Try out our extensive array of mid-century modern upholstered dining chairs. Browse the selection of vintage mid-century dining chairs from our community of over 2,000 trusted professional sellers that have mid-century style dining chairs for everyone. We’ve got sets of chairs to suit small and medium-sized families including 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 pieces.

Find your dining room essentials at Vinterior

When you buy from Vinterior, you’re helping to look after the planet. You’re giving pre-owned mid-century dining chairs a new home, plus, you’re helping small businesses thrive.
Our sellers believe in giving used furniture a new home. That’s why the majority of our mid-century modern dining chairs are in a used and, or, refurbished condition. But we might have a few upcycled mid-century dining chairs lying around somewhere as well. Just for you.

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