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Garden furniture is a great asset to landscaping your garden and to ensuring that an audience can appreciate your flowers and vegetation. Not to forget, many pieces of vintage garden furniture are durable and low maintenance to outdoor conditions.

Garden furniture for the family

In a time of rapid absorption of the newest technologies, children and families are spending more and more indoors in front of screens. With the practicality, comfort and correct styling of garden furniture, this will encourage your family and friends to relax in nature, socialise together and exteriorise their interior lives. Embracing the outdoors is beneficial to your health and wellbeing too.
Garden furniture embraces that concept that gardens are a home within itself.

The origins and history of garden furniture

It is universally accepted that gardens are central to every household for the production of food and recreation.
Dating back to the ancient Egyptians ad Greek, it was common to set up benches and seats for outdoor spaces for relaxing purposes. As shown in many medieval illustrations from the 15th century, turf benches were a common asset to any garden often in a U or L shape-form. The Renaissance ideology of leisure and mindfulness from the garden experience has rebirthed in the modern era. From the late 20th century, this flourished from the affordability and durability of plastic.
The origin and similar uses of garden furniture shows that garden furniture is timeless and appealing to any culture or any home.

The best, common and most popular styles of garden furniture

What is the most suitable garden furniture for your home? Do you want practicality, durability, style or comfort? Here is a list of the most popular and common types of garden furniture;

The ‘small details that count’ pieces of garden furniture

The easy assumption with garden landscaping is to add a table and chairs. However, garden design invites you to shape your experience in other ways. Consider outdoor statues, bird baths, outdoor garden lights, and majestic plant pots. This not only invites an interactive experience but a visual and holistic one too.

The wooden garden furniture

The best wooden furniture is best made from oak, elm, mahogany or teak as they are hardwoods compared to Pine or Fir. Wood is also easy to maintain, repair or revive, often able to be left in harsh weather conditions. Styles vary from Shabby Chic, Rustic, Boho, Rattan or Mid Century Modern.

The metal garden furniture

The modern era has provided many garden designers a vast supply of durable, innovative and low-maintenance metals. Metals such as steel, brass, copper, chrome or concrete are great for garden furniture to provide stark contrasts to the softer textures and hues of garden vegetation. More modern designs usually invite a more comfortable experience too.