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The 1970s is an era referred to by some as “the decade style forgot”. Yet that statement overlooks some stunning pieces of furniture and interior design trends that have continued to inspire homeowners for many years since. Often characterised by a bold use of colour, the 70s saw experimentation with funky pattern and bright florals. And yet there were also many more subtle designs, too, available in earthy shades of cream and brown. The 1970s sofas reflected these trends, offered in a range of different styles too. From clean and classic to funky and fresh, the 1970s decor had something for everyone. At Vinterior we love retro and vintage furniture, and we’ve got an array of 1970s sofas for you to browse through. Take a look at our online marketplace and you’ll find a collection of the best designs at the most affordable prices.

1970s sofas: embracing the angles

The 1970s was a period of transition for design in many ways as trends sought to shake off the softer, more relaxed stylings of the 60s in favour of more angled and emphatic designs. Sometimes known as the decade that style forgot, this title perhaps does an injustice to a period did much for seating ergonomics and provided people in homes everywhere with sumptuous comfort.

What we can say about the 1970s is that it was a decade in which designers looked to do new things with colour. For this reason you will find many vintage 1970s sofas in oranges, browns, purples, greens, pinks and yellows – sometimes in a combination of two or three of these.

Styling 1970s sofas in your home

There were some standout designs in the 1970s such as The Tulip Chair by Eero Saarinen, a chair that was originally released in the 1950s but underwent several updates. By the 1970s its futuristic styling had really captured the public’s imagination and matched the mood for space age furniture.

Although the typical sofa in the 1970s had a certain look – low to the floor and less ornate in style – the main focus was on the use of colour. With block colours or bold prints for the sofa, the vintage 70s look is primarily created by the tones and hues used.

Leather was still a popular material in the 1970s and here at Vinterior you will find a number of comfortable and eye-catching leather sofas – typically low-slung and with the same bucket chair stylings as the armchairs of the period.

If wild and crazy colours or button-back leathers aren’t your preference and you don’t want to live with a room that’s bright and bold, you can choose a 70s decor by accenting key items instead. Go for neutral colours on your large pieces of furniture such as your sofa and add the bold 70s colours and prints with lamp shades, light fittings, rugs, cushions and curtains.

Find your perfect place to relax with Vinterior

The sofa is such an integral part of your living space it’s essential to get one that not only looks good but also offers a comfortable place to sink into at the end of a long day. With our 1970s sofas, you’ll have the opportunity to browse through a diverse selection to find the style that suits your decor. With our online catalogue here at Vinterior we can help to inspire you with your very own vintage transformation. Explore our marketplace today.

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