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1970s Sofas

Renowned as a decade of social change, carefree spirituality, and heady glamour, the 1970s spawned a new era in design thinking, and 1970s sofas are no exception. From Pierre Paulin’s sculptural marshmallow chairs to André Vandenbeuck’s tufted leather couches, this was the decade of statement sofas. From plush velvets reimagined in cloud-like forms to supple leather framed in gold-tone chrome, 1970s sofa design ran the gamut of creativity, innovation, and daring. Whether you’re a staunch 70s fan or want to mix up your modern vignettes, you’ll find one-of-a-kind 70s sofas in our characterful collection to bring your vision to life.

Browse our hand-picked selection of vintage 1970s sofas for sale to find a striking piece for your home today. From earthy brown and orange colour schemes and shag pile designs to iconic pieces by big names, our marketplace has it all. Sourced exclusively by our network of trusted sellers, you can rest assured of the high-quality and unique character of every piece. Shop the collection with confidence in our marketplace below.

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  • What are ‘70s sofas?

    It’s a simple question with a not-so-simple answer. 1970s sofas are couches that date back to the ‘Me Decade’ — so-called for the era’s preoccupation with introspection, spirituality and finding yourself. The furniture from this period reflects the societal shift towards unbridled self-expression with bold shapes, bright colours and psychedelic patterns present across the board. At the same time, the 1970s marked a rekindling of humankind’s relationship with the natural world. It’s characterised by the use of raw materials, beige and brown hues and organic elements.
    1970s sofas vary significantly in terms of design, material and form. There’s a 70s couch to suit any taste or interior style.
  • What 1970s sofas designs are available for sale?

    Leather ruled supreme in the 1970s. And 1970s sofas designs epitomise the trend. From squishy couches with plush backs and armrests to more structured tufted designs, there’s a tan or brown sofa for every retro-inspired living room.
    For those who want to flirt with the decade’s more outré pieces, there’s a whole host of patterns and textures available. A paisley print sofa makes a charming addition to a boho-style lounge while a corduroy couch will complement industrial loft spaces and townhouses. Many 1970s sofas also feature natural materials, such as wood and bamboo.
    For loud fabrics and a true step back in time to the decade choose a charming bentwood design. ‘70s sofas with cane-woven or rattan frames also make a characterful addition to a conservatory or sunroom, particularly when embellished with a mishmash of colourful cushions.
  • How to style 1970s sofas in a modern home

    1970s sofas can be tricky to style because the bold designs and fabrics can easily overwhelm existing décor. Keep it simple and they can help to elevate any living room, adding character and statement style to the space. A vibrant velvet or corduroy 70s sofa is great for jazzing up a neutral-toned lounge. It adds an unexpected pop of colour and prevents the space from feeling too cold and clinical.
    For a cohesive look, opt for a clean-lined design with minimal embellishment. Use a Scandinavian-style rug to echo the bold shapes. Or liberally decorate the walls with graphic posters for a Pop Art-inspired look. Loving the industrial look that has dominated the design scene in recent years? A retro 1970s sofa can blend perfectly with other pieces of reclaimed furniture. Choose a slightly worn leather couch for that oh-so-trendy loft vibe or a sleek tuxedo design for a more refined feel. Complete the look with a cream-and-brown Moroccan rug and factory pendant lights. When it comes to styling 1970s sofa designs all you need to do is pick your perfect piece and build your decor around it.
    No matter the look you’re trying to create, find your perfect 70s sofa for sale in our characterful collection today.

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