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Enjoy beautiful vintage wall art

The devil is in the detail, or so they say, which is why the decor of a room is never complete until you’ve perfected the accessories. That could mean an antique table runner or retro cushions, or perhaps some stunning art for the wall.

Here at Vinterior we believe that there’s wall art to suit every taste, even if you’re a fan of the clean and minimalist style. From classical oil paintings to quirky vintage sculptures, wall art is the perfect way to express your personality. You’ll always find a wide and diverse collection of antique and vintage wall art at Vinterior, so why not browse through our catalogue today for some inspiration?

What to look for in vintage wall pictures

Wall art will never go out of fashion because of the broad spectrum of styles that it represents. There isn’t a room that couldn’t benefit from the addition of wall art, whether it’s a large feature piece or several smaller items.

Understanding your own preferences is a useful place to start: are you looking for a classical painting or something more contemporary? Vintage prints offer a real pop of colour and look good either as a solo feature or clustered together as a gallery wall.

The frame is just as important as the picture itself. If you don’t like the look of the frame you’ll eventually put the wall art away, never to see the light of day again. But remember, you can get wall art reframed so if you adore a picture but just can’t get on with the frame, all is not lost.

As well as conventional pictures and paintings, wall art also comes in 3D forms as well. If your decor is contemporary and minimalist, this could work very well. Look for masks and sculptures which were designed for hanging and the end result can be striking.

Incorporating vintage wall art décor into your home

The best wall art should speak to your soul rather than being a piece which is clinically chosen to match your colour scheme. That’s the best part of wall art; it will help to dictate the theme of your room so you don’t need to pick it to try and fit in.A gallery wall can be an incredible feature for any room, and looks good in hallways too. These are lots of fun to create as there’s no hard and fast rules, just your personal taste.

You’ll need a selection of wall art to hang together. For a classic style, choose different sizes and colours. This works very well with antique wall art. If you prefer a more contemporary design, pick vintage art with clean lines, simple frames and sizes that are more or less identical.

Why shop for vintage wall art at Vinterior

There are lots of places where you can find vintage wall art such as art galleries, antique dealers or auction houses but the chances are that you’ll have to pay a premium to purchase something you like.

Wall art is so popular it can be hard to track down a bargain, and you could spend lots of time traipsing around from one place to another. Here at Vinterior we offer vintage and antique wall art at extremely affordable prices and even better, it’s all collected together in just one place.

Make the decision to add some vintage wall art to your home today and provide a fresh new look to your decor. Check out our wall art catalogue and we’re sure you’ll find many vintage pieces to fall in love with!