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Explosive colours. Space rockets. Retro style. 60s furniture is making a serious comeback. So, if you love the space age aesthetic with its curvy lines and futuristic look, or you’re inspired by the flower power movement, with its bright colours and bold intentions, we’ve got the perfect pieces right here.

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60s furniture UK

The 1960s was the decade of the final frontier. From 1961-1969, mankind took several giant leaps from putting the first man in space to orchestrating the first lunar landing. The public’s obsession with space was reflected in everything from the first broadcasts of television shows like Doctor Who and Star Trek, to the shape and style of contemporary furniture. 60s furniture is characterised by its space age shapes and styles and a focus on hippie flower power.

In particular, straight lines were replaced with curvaceous cone and rocket shapes. Chairs became curiously capsule-like, and the beautifully simplistic Scandi style really started coming into its own. The most famous piece of seating from this era is probably Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair, and we’ve got quite a few of these in our collection. They remain firm favourites, even today.

Other major events of the 60s included the Vietnam War, which bred the slogan ‘Make Love, Not War’, and the Woodstock Festival of ’69. These occurrences ushered in the Flower Power movement, which is characterised by bright, clashing colours and bold patterns. While white goods were suddenly all sorts of colours, including avocado, salmon, and yellow, other pieces of furniture were produced in neon.

You’ll find all of these elements in Vinterior’s carefully curated collection of 60s furniture. We’ve got designs from big brand names like Stag , , and G-Plan, as well as one of a kind, bespoke pieces sourced from our online community of over 1,800 boutique sellers. Space helmets on, it’s time to start exploring the new frontline of simple retro furniture shopping.

Styling your space with 60s furniture

For the full 60s look, accessorise the room where your 1960s chair, sofa, or table’s going to sit with a 1960s rocket lamp, and an art deco poster or two. You could even position your TV in a retro, 1960s stand, for an authentic viewing experience when the next series of Doctor Who comes out. Whatever your plans, these pieces will really help your design take off.

Where to buy 1960s furniture?

Discover original 1960s furniture online at Vinterior. No frills. No fuss. Just great quality retro furniture. Finding pieces of this calibre used to be a mammoth task, but now all it takes is a few clicks of your mouse. Use our advanced search to slim down thousands of results so you only see the most relevant pieces to you. We recommend having a general browse first, though. With so many unique pieces from over 1,800 independent shops and sellers, you won’t want to miss out on a thing.