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If ever there was an era that everyone looks back on fondly, it’s the 1960s. With free love and flower power as far as the eye could see, there was a feel-good vibe about the decade. Fast-forward to the modern day and the 1960s still represents a style and an ethos that many of us crave, particularly for style and design. 1960s furniture embraced a wide range of different influences, many of which look just as great in the modern home as they did in those of the mid-20th century. Here at Vinterior we’ve got a fondness for the 1960s and have an eclectic range of furniture to reminisce with. Take a look at our online catalogue today and find your inspiration.

Welcome to the 1960s

The 1960s arrived with a bang, sweeping aside austere designs of the past and announcing itself with a collection of unique and individual styles. While some have endured to this day, there were some looks which were specific to the 1960s. Here’s a quick run-through of some of the most popular styles of 1960s furniture:

Space Age

This was the first generation to be truly obsessed with space travel and shows such as Star Trek and The Time Tunnel reflected the nation’s new interest. This translated over to furniture design where there were many styles which could be described as distinctly Space Age.

Cone and rocket shapes became prevalent, along with quirky, curvy styles in materials which were anything but wooden. Plain, simple colours and fluid lines were trademarks of this particular theme. Futuristic retro fireplaces shaped like cones were just one example of space age design but perhaps the most iconic was the lava lamp which became the hottest home decor accessory around. The Space Age style continued on into the 1970s.

Iconic Chairs

One of the prevailing trends of the 1960s was the arrival of certain styles of chairs that fascinated homeowners all around the country. At the start of the decade this position was taken up by Eero Saarinen and his famous Tulip chair, a design that’s still popular today.

Capsule and pod-like furniture captured the imagination and other statement chairs included the Egg Chair from Arne Jacobsen. Although he had other top-selling chairs such as the Swan Chair and Ant Chair, none were really ever able to crack the success of the Egg.

Flower power

Possibly the quintessential style of the 1960s, flower power was all the rage – and the brighter the better! White goods changed and became avocado and yellow while furniture embraced neon tones. Red, orange, blues and green - there weren’t really any colour combinations which were a no-go!

For furniture this meant bold patterns, banishing soft neutrals and welcoming statement pieces that captured attention. This trend was to continue long into the 1970s and it’s a look that’s most often associated with the era.

Danish Modern

Although the iconic looks of the decade were all about bright, bold looks, this style wasn’t for everyone. Danish Modern and other Scandinavian styles had been around for a while but also came to the fore, countering the vivid colours and designs seen elsewhere.

Designers such as Arne Jacobsen embraced clean lines, simplistic styling and an almost architectural look. Coupled with a shag rug and maybe the essential lava lamp and you’ll have a 1960s decor that looks almost contemporary.

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It’s hard to resist the 1960s and here at Vinterior we’ve got a whole host of 1960s furniture and accessories in all styles. Check out our online marketplace and discover lots of beautiful retro items at an affordable price.