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There are so many benefits to embracing the traditional sideboard in your home. But with so many shades, shapes and sizes to choose from, finding a sideboard that works for you can be a real challenge. Sideboards are also available in a variety of styles. From French country to classic Victorian, we feature them all at Vinterior to ensure you have access to the statement pieces that belong in your home. Whatever style you opt for however, another factor that must be carefully considered when purchasing a sideboard is its use of materials. Browse our teak sideboards today to discover the benefits of investing in this stunning wooden furniture for yourself.

Why choose teak sideboards?

There are many qualities that make teak a great choice for the crafting of numerous furniture items, including sideboards. As a hardwood, it’s extremely strong and durable, just look at the high quality vintage, antique and refurbished teak items we so proudly showcase as part our collection. In its most natural form, teak provides a tone that is very adaptable with its warm, golden colour providing an elegance that never goes out of fashion and a flexibility that sees it mix seamlessly with other contemporary and vintage furniture items.

You can’t mention our teak sideboards without noting their beauty. From its colour to its grain, teak is one of the most attractive wood types around. The naturally straight grain of teak made it a popular choice of material in mid-century furniture design. Its simple lines and smooth texture can be seen across many of our 1950s and 1960s furniture items as a result.

Among our listings you may find our 1960s Christian Linneberg teak sideboard. This piece in particular demonstrates perfectly why teak is an excellent choice. With a stunning Scandinavian design, this striking veneered teak sideboard features solid wood edges, sleek sliding doors and storage rich drawer space. Its newly installed filigree legs also show just how beautifully our teak sideboards can be restored to give them a new lease of life in their next home.

Of course, teak sideboards are incredibly functional pieces of furniture, too. If you require storage but don’t want to disrupt the aesthetic of your living room, hallway or dining area, a luxurious teak sideboard can elevate your interior design to the next level. From storing crockery and glassware to linens and even your special drinks collection, a sideboard is as useful as it is stylish.

A bit about teak

Known just as much for its use outdoors thanks to its durability and natural weather resistance, teak furniture is more than just a patio furnishing favourite. Teak has been the material of choice for as long as we can remember, making it just as popular as more well-known hardwoods like walnut and oak.

The use of teak hasn’t always been so accessible however. When the wood was first harvested, in around the 7th century, it was considered a prized material courtesy of its tropical origins. As a result, it was only found in the homes of the wealthy and powerful, and outside of these, used for shipbuilding. Teak still remains a valuable natural asset for the Southeast Asian countries (namely Thailand, Burma and Malaysia) that it calls home.

Why shop for teak sideboards with Vinterior

At Vinterior we love the effect that teak sideboards can have in a home. If you are looking to add a little class and character to your social spaces, a vintage or antique teak sideboard could be the perfect solution for you. And with more than a thousand sellers listed here on our online marketplace there is nowhere better to find the sideboard you need to attract the praise of your house guests.

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