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A sideboard is an invaluable piece of furniture in the home. While the term refers to a wide range of different pieces of different shapes and sizes, the broad premise is the same. A sideboard provides both surface space and cupboard space for you to add order and style to the spaces of your home. Whether you are looking to incorporate a sideboard into your dining room, hallway, kitchen or living room, a sideboard is a place to keep your possessions and showcase your favourite ornaments – be it pictures, sculptures, lamps or vases of flowers. If you love the rustic aesthetic and want to ensure that your domestic space doesn’t become too polished or impersonal, explore our collection of rustic sideboards today.

Why choose rustic sideboards?

Sideboards and drawer units have been relied upon for many centuries in the home, so there is plenty of choice when it comes to this key piece of furniture. While you will find many pieces from the Georgian, Victorian and even the Art Deco period that are polished, elegant and nothing short of opulent, there are also many examples of more rustic pieces to be found.

For example, look out for French 19th century sideboards that began their life as shop counters, made in sturdy and durable oak. A converted butcher’s table is another eye-catching sideboard that can work beautifully in a rustic, farmhouse kitchen, providing ample space to place lamps and vases, or even use as an extra serving space when you have guests over to visit.

Many of the pieces we have here are upcycled and given a fresh coat of paint; or else sanded down to have a more distressed look that is “shabby” and characterful. Some sideboards are smaller and have been painted with light chalk paint colours and then sanded to give the rustic look. These are perfect for living rooms or alternatively for bathrooms to keep toiletries tidied away.

On the more antique side of things there are gorgeous bow fronted and curvy sideboards which offer an extra level of elegance to the room. The character you get from these pieces is hard to match and so why not take the time to explore our extensive range today.

Incorporating a rustic sideboard in the home

It would be easy to think that rustic sideboards are reserved only for those homes that have a country feel, such as old converted barns and the like. The truth is, however, that a rustic sideboard can add a charm and sense of ruggedness in a great many different settings. Urban shabby chic and industrial homes, for example, can really benefit from a statement sideboard both for practical and aesthetic purposes. Similarly, if you have a relatively plain and sparse space – such as a hallway or corridor – then a rustic sideboard can bring to life this neutral area and make it a more engaging and tactile place to be. The natural wood finish or distressed look of rustic sideboards have the power to warm a space and make it feel more welcoming, not least because it puts people more at ease than if they were entering a space made from marble or highly glossed items that they are terrified to touch in case of scratching.

Shop for antique, vintage rustic sideboards with Vinterior

At Vinterior we have a broad range of rustic sideboards for all kinds of homes. From huge statement pieces to fill even the largest dining rooms, to small kitchen sideboards and thin but long sideboards that can be easily placed in a hallway. With more than a thousand registered sellers featuring products on our online marketplaces there is nowhere better to find the sideboard you need. Get browsing now.