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Vintage Scandinavian Sideboards

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Scandinavian retro sideboards

The Scandinavian sideboards in our collection perfectly balance function and utility with style and simplicity. You’ll find careful craftsmanship from famous names in the vintage Scandinavian movement, including Ib Kofod Larsen, Arne Vodder and Kai Kristiansen, as well as more affordable examples of smaller craftsmen’s work.

Styling a vintage Scandinavian sideboard

Our vintage Scandinavian sideboards can be used as a central piece in a minimalist room or as part of a collection of similarly styled furniture. Make it your own with decorative touches, including a rug underneath, or prints and pictures, candles, vases, lamps and more on top. You can also make your Scandi sideboard the start of a gallery wall for all your favourite prints and frames. You may decide that your vintage Scandinavian sideboard is a piece of art itself and doesn’t need any styling. These beautiful pieces combine the latest technology and materials with functionality and style, making them a timeless addition to your home. They tend to use rich and durable woods, including teak and rosewood, but you’ll find a variety of colours and textures available. Our collection contains pieces from boutiques all over the world. You can find elegant, original pieces from small businesses in the UK, as well as boutiques from Scandinavian countries themselves. To compliment your sideboard, browse our other Scandinavian modern furniture for sale.


Where to buy Scandinavian sideboards?

To buy Scandinavian sideboards, simply browse an online collection where you can find thousands of options at the click of a button. If you were looking for a particular item you used to have to spend years browsing antique shops and boutiques. Whereas now you can find the exact piece to suit your needs in minutes. We offer furniture from thousands of local boutiques; each offering something unique and a chance to support a small business. There are options to suit every style and budget, and you can easily filter by size, price, material, colour and more. You can also browse our website for more vintage sideboard styles, including retro sideboards and mid century sideboards.