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Retro sideboards have a design that combines fashion, art and architecture with today's modernity. Retro is a nostalgia that offers the opportunity to enjoy the spirit of the 70s. The design combines modern lines with long-lasting details while preserving the natural texture of the wood. The stylish retro sideboards are handmade with minimalist design and smooth finish while giving you plenty of storage space to de-clutter your living spaces. At Vinterior, you will find a vast selection of retro sideboards covering more than 100 years of design history. Browse our inventory to find your perfect piece.

Retro sideboards are unique

Whether it is a striking conversation-starter you are after or simply a spot to store all your odds and ends, you are sure to find the perfect retro sideboard at Vinterior to suit your home's unique style. Our vintage retro sideboards are all handmade and distinctly ornate and no piece will be similar. Rest assured that when buying retro sideboard from us, you will get a unique piece not present anywhere else. Also, each retro sideboard in our online shop has something unique to offer, whether it is an innovative design, extravagant decoration or pure functionality.

Refine classic décor with retro sideboards

The best thing about retro is that time preserves the very best of the eras. To do the retro justice at home, place a retro sideboard in every room. This will bring the imagination and intrigue of past times into your space. There's a world of retro sideboard options out there, many of them original vintage pieces that have been cared for overtime. There are also designers galore creating new versions of retro sideboards that are authentic, stunning and practical.
Choose retro sideboards built with elegant, robust wood such as oak or walnut.

Where to buy retro sideboards online?

Vinterior is a marketplace that brings millions of buyers and sellers across the United Kingdom together to buy and sell antique and vintage items in various categories which range from lighting, art, mirror, rugs as well as furniture for home and garden, especially retro sideboards.
Our range of sideboards are from the 19th century and Art Deco era, richly detailed and finely crafted. Our offering also covers the mid-century modern styles and timeless classics created between 19th to 20th century. Amongst these highly sought after retro sideboards, you will see some of the biggest names in design history as well. Browse our online shop to find the perfect retro sideboard for your home.