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Clutter is the enemy of any home. You dream of having a living or dining room as tidy and elegant as a show home, but children's toys, shoes, old papers and knick knacks all get in the way of turning that dream into a reality. Having enough storage space is therefore vital, and a sideboard is the obvious storage solution. A G Plan sideboard is more than a practical solution to your clutter woes, however. A sideboard should be an attractive addition to your home, as well as a functional one, and with their timeless mid-century designs and unparalleled craftsmanship, G Plan is synonymous with quality. Find the perfect vintage G Plan sideboard for you right here at Vinterior.

A bit about G Plan Sideboards

G Plan’s origins can be traced all the way back to 1898, when Ebenezer Gomme began crafting beautiful furniture for the homes of his contemporaries. Over fifty years later his grandson, Donald, founded G Plan to carry on the family tradition, and today the company is known the world over for its sleek aesthetics and professional artistry.

Why choose a vintage G Plan sideboard?

The brand’s solid teak sideboards are a testament to decades of experience. The clean lines and faultless finishes can fit into any number of interiors, and the build quality is known for being of the highest standard. Take, for example, the rosewood Scandinavian mid-century sideboard. This piece is ideal for any modern Scandi-minimalist aesthetic, while the upcycled country style sideboard has a rustic charm which could put the finishing touch to a farmhouse style kitchen.

The beauty of vintage furniture comes from its unique character and adaptability. An example of this would be the Tola sideboard, which can often be found listed on our online marketplace, refurbished in a number of interesting and different ways. From pitch black paint with exquisite gold detailing for glamour and sleekness to a distressed white paint job that looks chic and calming, there are many ways to reuse and rehome a genuine vintage piece.

The amount of repurposing and upcycling that occurs with vintage furniture is part of what makes investing in heritage pieces such a sustainable way to furnish your home. Even if you love a modern, neutral look or monochrome, you can make your home a little greener with vintage furniture.

Brand New G-Plan Teak Sideboards at Vinterior

We list great new products, But here at Vinterior, we don't want to celebrate the old at the cost of forgetting the new. G Plan as a company is still going strong today; using all the techniques and expertise they have gathered over their sixty plus years in the business in combination with innovative technologies and modern sensibilities, to continue their legacy for generations to come. Vinterior wants to celebrate this dynamic, cutting edge spirit just as much as we want to celebrate the glorious past, which is why our G Plan collection contains new, as well as classic designs, all in a single place.

There really is no excuse not to explore the Vinterior collection of G Plan furniture. Whether you're looking for that perfect vintage sideboard, a modern sofa, or just some inspiring ideas, you will find it all here on our website.

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