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The sideboard is one piece of furniture that provides excellent versatility in the modern day home. Traditionally a must-have in formal dining room settings, the sideboard, or buffet as it’s also known, was used to display serving dishes and store essential dining room items like table linen, crockery and cutlery. These days, sideboards have taken on very different functions to make them a useful addition to any space within the home, not just the dining room. At Vinterior, we supply a vast range of sideboards courtesy of our partnerships with independent boutiques and furniture sellers based up and down the country. Our sideboard collection is particularly eclectic, with vintage and antique fans able to choose from a broad range of styles. We feature sideboards from various eras, including antique pieces from the early 19th century to the late 20th century. There are also many refurbished and upcycled sideboards to consider if you wish to bring that truly unique look into your home. As you will notice, our sideboards come in many shapes and sizes, with our large sideboards an extremely prominent part of our range. Shop our large sideboards today to discover style and storage in one stunning vintage, antique or refurbished piece.

Why choose large sideboards?

Whether you have a large space to fill or simply adore the elegance and grandeur that our bigger pieces guarantee, our large sideboards are well worth browsing. The large sideboards we showcase provide more than just generous storage, they can act as impactful statement pieces in your kitchen, living room, dining room or even a hallway.. Many models also feature shelving as part of the sideboard design to put the items you want to show off on display.

As with our small sideboards, you’ll find a variety of styles hailing from many different eras, meaning you can harness the look and feel you’ve been dreaming of in your home. Among our listings you’ll see a number of sideboard options originating from the 1950s and 1960s. These mid-century design classics are great if you love simple lines as well as a chic and sleek finish.

Want to go even further into the past with your sideboard look? Our collection is brimming with antique items that are not only useful furniture additions but pieces of history. Unlike the mid-century large sideboards we list, the older, antique items sacrifice clean profiles and simple lines in favour of more elaborate designs. Again hardwood is a material used heavily within antique sideboards, and you’ll see these larger than life pieces crafted from mahogany, walnut and oak amongst other wood types. Those looking to purchase a work of art may want to look towards something as grand and impressive as a carved oak baronial sideboard, with intricate carvings and a wealth of history behind it.

Whatever time period you want to pay homage to, each sideboard available here ensures excellent quality and craftsmanship come as standard. In fact, that’s what purchasing a vintage, antique or refurbished item from our sideboard range is all about! The backstories also told by each and every one of our pieces mean your furniture addition can easily add interest, charm and character to your space.

Our large sideboards look great in dining rooms, hallways, lounges and bedrooms, unlocking the storage that works on every level and creating a statement that is certain to wow you and everyone who steps through your door.

Shop for the best vintage, antique and reclaimed large sideboards available by browsing Vinterior today.