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Can any piece of furniture bring such sophistication to a room as a sideboard? Rosewood sideboards are not just practical pieces, they are also incredibly stylish and beautiful – the perfect addition to your living or dining area. Explore our range at Vinterior today and find your perfect rosewood sideboard.

Rosewood sideboards in the home

Sideboards have been found in homes for centuries, although their appearance hasn’t always been the same. In their earliest form, sideboards were simply shelves fixed onto the wall by the dining table to allow them to be used for holding plates or food at mealtimes.

It wasn’t until Thomas Chippendale was inspired to take the idea of this shelf and add it to a cupboard in order to create one piece of functional yet attractive furniture that the sideboard as we know it was born. After adding legs, drawers and decorations, his creation became popular among homeowners across the nation.

Over the following centuries, there were very few changes to the sideboard. In fact, even today, modern sideboards feature a similar design and shape.

Why choose rosewood sideboards

Regardless of the era during which it was made, a rosewood sideboard will still have a similar style. There will be a flat, long surface to display items, together with cupboards or drawers below which can be used for storage. Some pieces have both drawers and cupboards while others have shelves or drop down drinks cabinets.

Rosewood is a highly quality wood which retains its natural sheen and beauty no matter how many years go by. Many rosewood sideboards have a visible grain which adds extra character to the piece.

While some sideboards lie flat to the ground, others have legs which raise them up from floor level. Solid, strong and highly robust, a rosewood sideboard is a durable piece of furniture that will stand the test of time.

Why buy a vintage or antique rosewood sideboard?

Although there are still manufacturers of furniture today making sideboards for 21st century dining rooms and living rooms, and some have been inspired by vintage and antique designs, these modern pieces are often considerably less robust than a genuine item from the past.

Crafted from high quality rosewood, antique and vintage pieces have a particularly unique appearance as well as an authentic character and flair, which cannot be copied by any contemporary manufacturer. True classic sideboards fill your room with personality and allow you to put your own special stamp on your modern home.

A rosewood sideboard won’t just be a beautiful addition to your living or dining area, it will also serve a practical function. Offering display space and plenty of storage, it will be as useful as it is elegant.

Bring the past back to life with a rosewood sideboard from Vinterior.

Find rosewood sideboards at Vinterior

Vinterior is a specialist in the supply and sale of high quality vintage and antique furniture. We have an impressive selection of rosewood sideboards which have been made from the best quality wood and which boast authentic style and character. You’re sure to find all the inspiration you’ve been searching for amongst our collection of beautiful genuine pieces to help you design the ideal retro home with all the luxury and glamour of a bygone era.

Visit Vinterior’s website today and you’ll discover beautiful rosewood sideboards that will grace your home for many more years to come.

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