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The sideboard is an important and necessary feature to every living room. A living space we share with family and friends needs storage for everything we need to enjoy each other's company. What do you store in your sideboard? Maybe photo albums, old family videos or books or magazines - we all have important items for socialisation or relaxaction in our sideboard. Some even turn theirs into a drinks cabinet, or a record player stand and storage. We all have them and all need them, and here at Vinterior we have an extensive range of Art Deco sideboards for you to choose from. Art Deco furniture is characterised by its exquisite craftsmanship, high quality materials and sturdy frame - and our Art Deco sideboards are no different. You won't find any MDF or chipboard at Vinterior, our Art Deco sideboards are guaranteed to last many years and remain as pride of place in your living room for as long as you need. We pride ourselves on our genuine vintage products, made the way furniture should be. All of our Art Deco sideboards are built to last and you'll be able to enjoy them for many years to come.

Why choose an Art Deco sideboard?

Art Deco furniture is characterised by exquisite craftsmanship, high quality materials and sturdy frame. You won't find MDF or chipboard in Art Deco pieces. Powerful and striking geometric designs are key traits in Art Deco furniture and this makes for an impactful and impressive finish when used on a piece of furniture as sizeable as a sideboard.

While there may be many imitation Art Deco sideboards on the market today, many of these are made using flimsy, thin and engineered materials rather than the solid woods used way back in the roaring 20s. It is rare to see solid wood used in modern day furnishings, with manufacturers increasingly forced to pay attention to their margins and profitability.

Yet the difference between an imitation Art Deco piece and a genuine piece of history is like night and day. Invest in an original sideboard and you will be able to own an item of furniture that has a rich history and a story to tell; something that adds that extra bit of quality and style to any interior space.

Art Deco's focus on craftsmanship and high quality materials gives you assurance that your genuine Art Deco sideboard is a substantial piece of furniture. An Art Deco sideboard doesn't sacrifice quality for the sake of beauty - instead, it carries both. This is what Art Deco is all about.

Why shop at Vinterior?

The variety of colours and designs in our collection of Art Deco sideboards will astound you. It is typical of Art Deco to have a wide range of colour palettes and materials in their furnishings, but designers of the time really had a lot of fun with the classic sideboard. There are so many shapes, sizes and shades to choose from. The different woods, metals and finishes offer a number of looks and feels. Art Deco usually has a monochromatic feel but with sideboards designers having really experimented with colour, as you will find right here at Vinterior. Our Art Deco sideboards range from the incredibly ornate and detailed, to simple chic shapes and finishes. One thing you can say about all of them is that they are stunning in their own way, and are guaranteed to grab attention, whichever room they are in.

Whatever you might use your sideboard for, we know you'll enjoy an Art Deco design from Vinterior. We are the largest online marketplace for unique home additions, and only offer the most premium furniture solutions with character. We even offer newer items with the same quality and backstory to their name. Take a look through our collection and see if you can find the sideboard you have always wanted. You'll be sure to find a piece that will fit right into your home, and be admired by all your friends and family.

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