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At Vinterior, our marketplace is a fantastic place for artisan furniture makers and craftsmen to showcase their talents in the form of exceptional upcycled sideboards. An upcycled sideboard can be useful in most rooms in a house but is traditionally an item of furniture found in the dining room. For those unfamiliar, it’s a long storage unit which originated in England as a useful surface to be of aid when serving up meals. Nowadays, it’s more common to find prized possessions such as your best china, photographs and even glassware, while also providing space to perch ornamental figures on top. If you are looking for a sideboard for your home – be it in the dining room, kitchen, living room or even hallway, browse our site and see if there’s anything that catches your eye.

Choosing upcycled sideboards

Many upcycled items of furniture have a distressed or shabby chic appearance that adds immense character to your room’s décor. Along with strengthening the original materials and adding protective layers to inject new life into them, you’ll also be able to find pieces created by talented hands that have just had a lick of paint, others that have had parts replaced and others that are a completely new creation. Sometimes, a combination of effects can make the most intriguing upcycled sideboard.

Explore the many products featured in our listings and you will find sideboards that have been repainted and had their handles and feet replaced. Others have had more significant refurbishments such as new doors and a full overhaul of the design with decoupage.

Nevertheless, there’s no upcycling manual that craftsmen and craftswomen need to follow to produce an outstanding sideboard, which is what makes each of their produces so unique. They can come in lots of different styles and colours and can be made from different materials. To find one to suit your taste you’ll need to find sellers who share your vision and understand the final usage and setting of the item – and what better place to find them than on our online marketplace.

There are many reasons to choose an upcycled sideboard rather than heading to your local retailer. An upcycled sideboard is a hardwearing and accessible item. While you may be nervous about having a pristine Victorian walnut sideboard where it can be scratched and marked by passers by, the shabby and distressed effect is what often gives an upcycled sideboard its charm.

Upcycled sideboards are also a much more sustainable option than buying a new item of furniture from your local store. Not only are you reducing your contribution to landfill by purchasing an item that recycles furniture elements; you are also helping to reduce the carbon footprint of your home.

Yet, one of the most alluring benefits is the fact you’re getting a sideboard which is unique. Your sideboard won’t be one of a number in your street but something only you get to admire and love each and every day.

Why shop Vinterior for upcycled sideboards?

If our introduction to upcycled sideboards and their benefits has increased your interest, you can have a look around our website to find what the best talent has come up with recently. We don’t doubt you’ll be amazed. Or, if you are still unsure if an upcycled sideboard is for you, take a scroll through the products on offer to help you decide and let the many unique and different designs inspire your next interior project.

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