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The starburst is a graphic design motif that was first popularised during the Art Deco movement – a period that was considered to be at its height during the roaring 20s. The image of a starburst (or sunburst as it is also called) features a star-like shape with rays emanating out from it. Sometimes the centre is a circle, with evenly spread rays surrounding it; sometimes it is a three-dimensional rough star shape with points heading off in all directions. The image can be seen across a range of original Art Deco and Art Deco-inspired furniture and accessories: from gilt inlay starbursts on wood lacquered surfaces, to embellished on the side of cocktail cabinets, you’ll find this iconic image across many heritage pieces in our marketplace. Discover the rare elegance and beauty of vintage and reproduction starburst mirrors and browse the collection today.

Styles of starburst mirror to look out for

With a vast array of authentic Art Deco furniture and decorations available for you to buy today, it’s easy to fill your home with that instant charm that can only be achieved with vintage style. If you are looking for something special to adorn a wall, a decorative piece to place on a shelf or mantle, or you want to create more light in a smaller room, starburst mirrors are a wonderful choice of wall hanging that are a style statement as much as a practical product.

Art Deco emcompasses a vast range of beautiful styles and motifs, the most famous of which being the starburst. If you’re lucky enough to unearth an original Art Deco starburst mirror, design features to look out for include luxurious materials such as lacquered wood, heavily polished brass and gilded wood; a focus on geometric lines; a neutral palette offset with brightly coloured details. A starburst mirror looks spectacular hanging on a contrasting coloured hallway wall, in a bedroom or over a sink in the bathroom.

You can also find Art Deco-influenced starburst mirrors in the mid-century modern style, bearing the classic hallmarks of the period of clean minimalism and sparse details, made from industrial materials like wire, and others like wicker and bamboo. There are also reproduction starburst mirrors from contemporary designers available.

Both decorative and essential for helping generate light and the feeling of more space, mirrors are a must-have for any kind of interior look – whether you live in an uber modern city apartment, or a traditional cottage in the countryside.

Try vintage starburst mirrors and you’ll never go back

The eternal popularity of vintage furniture and accessory means that every piece you buy is an investment for the future. Not only this, but vintage furniture, such as original Art Deco starburst mirrors, was created with careful craftsmanship to provide the owner with years of use. Unlike a lot of modern furniture, which is unfortunately built for the short term and is quick to be thrown away, vintage work is made to be durable and functional, as well as beautiful.

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Find quality and character in equal measure by shopping here at Vinterior for vintage pieces for your home. Thanks to our national network of trusted sellers you may not only find some wonderful starburst mirrors and other treasures, you may even find inspiration for your next interior design project.